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Green Coffee is an extract in capsules of Elev8

Green coffee extract in Elev8 capsules

The healthy Green Coffee extract is part of B-Epic’s Elev8. Green Coffee extract ingredient capsules in Elev8 kept all its beneficial substances from nature. The Green Coffee extract contained in Elev8 capsules contains caffeine, tannins, pectin, organic substances, chlorogenic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, oxalic acid, caffeine acid, vitamins, micronutrients, trace elements, fatty acids, carbohydrates, sucrose, monosaccharides, fiber.

Composition and health benefits

Green Coffee Bean extract contains an important natural powerful antioxidant – chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is a plant-based antioxidant found in untreated green coffee. Thanks to chlorogenic acid, green coffee helps to remove excess free radicals from the body, causing further serious diseases of the body, heart attack, stroke and cancer. Excess free radicals can also contribute to premature aging of body cells. Chlorogenic acid improves metabolic processes and prevents the development of diabetes mellitus, maintains optimal blood sugar normalizes the circulatory and digestive systems and prevents the development of obesity.

Chlorogenic acid tones up due to one of the main substances in its composition – caffeine. In reasonable amounts, caffeine is a useful component for health because it activates the brain and enhances mental activity, improves memory and helps with headaches. Hypotonic relieves cramping. Caffeine prevents the deposition of fats in cells and improves muscle function. Caffeine promotes fat burning and weight loss by interacting with chlorogenic acid. Green Coffee reduces fat absorption by reducing the calorie content of fat-containing foods. Green Coffee’s weight loss benefits are due to its ability to reduce appetite and dull hunger due to its chromium content. Studies have shown that daily intake of green coffee in just 2-3 months will help get rid of 40-45 percent of excess weight.

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Benefits for the cardiovascular system

Green Coffee stimulates the functioning of the heart and improves the condition of blood vessels. In reasonable amounts, caffeine supports the full functioning of the heart muscle, improves lymph drainage and normalizes metabolism. Using tannin, moderate consumption of Green Coffee strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Theophylline improves blood quality, prevents blood clots and stimulates blood circulation and fiber regulates blood cholesterol, preventing atherosclerosis. Therefore, green coffee is effective for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks.

Benefits for immunity

The set of amino acids in this product significantly increases the body’s resistance to viral and colds. Theophylline supports the normal functioning of the respiratory system and essential oils. Purine alkaloids and tannins improve the condition of the lungs and bronchi during respiratory diseases.

Benefits to the nervous and digestive systems

Green coffee normalizes the functioning of the nervous system. Despite its tonic and exciting properties, green coffee has a calming effect on the nervous system and improves its functioning. Green coffee in Elev8 capsules prevents stress and depression. Green Coffee has an antibacterial effect and cleanses the body, destroys harmful bacteria, removes harmful toxic substances toxins and heavy metals from the body and also improves the outflow of bile and prevents constipation.

Green coffee improves physical activity. Caffeine increases the body’s performance and tone and the amino acids in this drink will help to gain muscle mass faster. Accelerates wound healing and maintains hormonal balance. Therefore, green coffee is especially recommended for women since it contains triganellin which ensures the balance of hormones in the body. Green Coffee improves digestion. Amino acids, fiber essential oils tannins triganellin and alkaloids improve food digestion and support normal appetite and metabolism.

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