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Price List for Customer

Product Pack Price
Epic Customer Pack ELEV8 + ACCELER8 $99.95
ELEV8 Customer Single (30 capsules) $59.95
ELEV8 Customer Leader Pack 3 Boxes (90 capsules) $109.95
ACCELER8 Single Customer (60 capsules) $69.95
ACCELER8 Customer Double Pack (120 capsules) $109.95
REJUVEN8 Customer Single Bottle $79.95
GR8 KIDS Customer Single (30 stick packs) $59.95
Epic Customer Pack Plus (Elev8+Acceler8+Hydr8) $110.00
HYDR8 Customer Single Pack (1 Bottle)
HYDR8 Customer Double Pack (2 Bottles)
B60 Pack two months supply (2 Boxes Elev8 +2 Boxes Acceler8 +2 Bottles Hydr8) $199.95
Regener8 Customer Single Pack (30 Servings)  $69.95
Allevi8 Customer Single Pack (30 touch Pads) $69.95
BIMMUNE+ Customer 1 Bottle 60 capsules $69.95
BIMMUNE+ Customer 2 Pack BIMMUNE+ 2 Bottles 60 capsules $109.95
CBD Gummies one Customer pack (temporarily unavailable) $60.00
InstaGlove gel sanitizer 2 Bottles $45.00
Royal Blue Tea (bags of tea) product is coming soon! $99.95
B-SLIM Single Pack (2 tubes x 15 tablets) $59.95
B-SLIM Double Pack (4 tubes x 15 tablets)
B-SLIM & ACCELER8 (2 tubes x 15 tablets & ACCELER8 Combo) $99.95
Nutrinrg Natural Energy Lemonade Single Pack (30 Sticks)
Nutrinrg Natural Energy Lemonade 2 Pack (60 Sticks)
B-IMMUNE Customer pack (2 Canisters)
B-KETO ultra-fast ketosis supplement Single Pack (30 Sticks) NEW

BEpic Customers Prices

ELEV8 one Pack and ACCELER8 one Pack

  • ELEV8 + ACCELER8 is an economical and convenient package consisting of two boxes of the best B-Epic products to increase energy, promote health and lose weight while sleeping. This offer is enough for one month of admission for one client. The 4-week package includes ELEV8 1 box of 30 pills (capsules) and ACCELER8 1 box of 60 capsules (pills) (30 capsules SLEEP and 30 capsules RESTORE) package price is $ 99.95

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Elev8 30 capsules Pack

  • One box of ELEV8 is one month supply per customer. One package of BEpic’s Elev8 contains 30 green capsules (pills) with the best and perfect Elev8 product to increase energy and health. The cost of one package of Elev8 is $ 59.95

>Elev8 – more details

Customer Price ACCELER8 60 capsules Pack

  • One box of ACCELER8 is for four weeks (1 month) calculated per customer. In one package of Acceler8 only 60 capsules (pills) are included 30 white capsules and 30 purple capsules. The cost of one package of ACCELER8 (60 capsules) is $ 69.95

>Acceler8 – more details

BEpic Customer Price ELEV8 90 capsules three package

  • Favorable economical package ELEV8 90 capsules (pills).This is a triple monthly supply of ELEV8 capsules, which consists of three boxes of Elev8. 90 capsules for one client is enough for 3 months. The total number of 90 capsules is $ 109.95

ACCELER8 capsules two package

  • ACCELER8 package for two months for one client consisting of two boxes of ACCELER8 each of  60 capsules for weight loss during a healthy sleep. Each box of ACCELER8 has 30 RESTORE pills and 30 SLEEP pills. Total amount in the package 120 capsules price is $ 109.95

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GR8 KIDS 30 sticks Pack

  • GR8 KIDS One pack consists of 30 sticks. This supply of GR8 KIDS is enough for a daily reception for a month for one client. Great for Adults & Kids Package Price is $ 59.95

 >GR8 KIDS – more details

REJUVEN8 single bottle

  • B-Epic’s REJUVEN8 anti-aging serum with goji stem cell. Serum is intended for 4 – 6 weeks of use on average per client. The package includes one bottle for $ 79.95

>REJUVEN8 – more details

NEW Epic Customer Pack Elev8 Acceler8 HYDR8

  • NEW Epic Customer Pack Plus Elev8 + Acceler8 + Hydr8  

Elev8 contains 30 green pills, Each box of ACCELER8 has 30 RESTORE & 30 SLEEP pills, HYDR8 Alkalizing water (1 Bottle) Price is $110

HYDR8 Customer Single Pack BEpic

  • HYDR8 Customer Single Pack  This pack includes one-month supply of HYDR8 (1 bottle) Price is $ 30.00

HYDR8 Customer Double Pack

  • HYDR8 Customer Double Pack. This pack includes one-month supplyes of HYDR8 (2 bottles) Price is $ 60.00

B60 B-Epic Pack

  • The B60 package includes a 60-day supply of ELEV8, ACCELER8 and HYDR8 and a 60-day program daily workout and video.

      >B60 B-Epic challenge more details

  • B-IMMUNE Customer Pack. This pack includes a two-month supply of B-Immune (2 Canisters). Price is $ 109.95

>B-IMMUNE product more details

InstaGlove sanitizer Customer Pack

  • InstaGlove Customer Pack. This pack includes InstaGlove gel sanitizer (2 bottles). Price is $ 45.00

>InstaGlove sanitizer more details

Customer Price Regener8 30 Servings

  • Regener8 Customer Single Pack (One pack contains 30 servings) This is one month supply of Regener8. Package Price is $ 69.95

 >Regener8 – more details

Customer Price Allevi8 30 touch Pads B-Epic

  • Allevi8 Customer Single Pack (One pack contains 30 touch Pads) This is one month supply of Allevi8. Package Price is $ 69.95

Allevi8 – more details

CBD Gummies BEpic

  • BEpic CBD Gummies Single Pack. This pack contains 30 CBD gummies (temporarily unavailable). Price is $ 60.00

>CBD Gummies more details

Customer Price BImmune+1 Bottle 60 capsules

  • BImmune+ Customer Single Pack. This pack includes supply one-month capsules of BImmune+ (1 bottle). Price is $ 69.95

>BImmune+ more details

Customer Price BImmune+2 Bottles 120 capsules

  • BImmune+ Customer 2 Pack. This pack includes supply two-month capsules of BImmune+ (2 Bottles). Price is $ 109.95


  • B-Slim Customer Single Pack. This pack includes one-month supply of B-Slim (30 tablets 15 +15). Price is $ 60.00

>B-Slim more details

B-SLIM Customer Double Pack 4 containers 60 tablets Bottle

  • B-Slim Customer Double Pack. This pack includes two-month supply of B-Slim (60 tablets). Price is $ 99.95

B-SLIM Customer Pack 2 containers 30 tablets Acceler8 combo

  • B-Slim & Acceler8 Customer Pack. This pack includes one-month supply of B-Slim (30 tablets) & 60 pills of Acceler8 Combo. Price is $ 99.95


  • Nutrinrg Single Pack. This pack includes one-month supply of Nutrinrg 30 sticks. Price is $ 59.95

>NutriNRGmore details


  • Nutrinrg Double Pack. This pack includes 60 sticks (30 and 30 sticks). Price is $ 109.95

B-KETO Single Pack 30 Sticks

  • B-KETO Single Pack. This pack includes one month supply of B-KETO 30 sticks. Price is $ 99.95

>B-KETOmore details

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