B-Slim Tablets for Weight Loss by B-Epic

B-Slim the new B-Epic Weight Loss Tablets with African Mango

What is B-Slim Tablets B-Epic for Weight Loss ?

B-Slim the new B-Epic Weight Loss tablets with African Mango are on sale now. B-Slim tablets are a natural effective new addition to the high-performance line of B-Epic products to help you lose weight and restore health. B-Slim weight loss tablets are very easy to use. It couldn’t be easier than dissolving a tablet in a bottle of water, and in a few seconds this weight loss liquid is ready to work on your body. With the new B-Slim Weight Loss tablets with African Mango, you can easily, in seconds, get the perfect dose of a hydrating, healthy-tasting liquid that will work for your health and help fight off harmful extra pounds. Refresh your body with a great drink for a healthy freshness for improved hydration.

 B-Slim composition

Effective weight loss is due to the well-thought-out composition of B-Slim tablets. Through scientific research it is known that the stress that we experience affects health and contributes to an increase in the number of calories we consume. Under the influence of stress, we easily gain extra pounds, which develop into health problems and unhealthy excess weight. B-Slim tablets help you as it helps you to forget about stress and lose weight thanks to the ingredients.

Since ancient times, people have noticed the benefits of African mango seed extract (Irvingia gabonensis) for weight loss. African mango tastes like the common mango we know, but it differs from other varieties of mango by its small size, shade and presence of seeds. From these seeds, the natural extract of (Irvingia gabonensis) is obtained, which is actively used for weight loss. This property of African mango seed extract is used in the B-Slim diet pills. The extract in the B-Slim diet tablets contributes to the correct weight balance and weight loss.

Another important property of African mango seed extract is that it effectively reduces appetite and reduces hunger.
Mango not only can suppress appetite, but also affects the amount of the hormone leptin in the blood. Leptin generates a hunger signal in our brains. Mango seeds increase leptin levels, which can help reduce appetite. Effectively fights off excess pounds. Suppresses hunger and controls leptin levels.

The patented and clinically proven Irvingia gabonensis seed extract truly promotes weight loss.

As number medical research testifiy, mango seed extract does the following:

  • Restores and supports metabolic well-being
  • Promotes good thermo genesis
  • Helping to satiate quickly
  • Is used to fight obesity
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Lowering cholesterol levels and helps lower bad cholesterol
  • Significantly improves metabolism in the body
  • Increases the oxidation of existing fats

Besides that the fruit extract has a targeted effect on fat deposits in the thighs and waist. This process of burning unnecessary fats takes place due to the natural activation of metabolism. The extract mango seed also helps to forget about the accumulated fatigue and increases efficiency and vitality. Due to the high content of ascorbic acid, mango seed extract strengthens the immune system.

The B-Slim tablets include Ashwagandha herb. Ashwagandha is an herbaceous plant known since ancient times with soothing and adaptogenic properties. Ashwagandha can help relieve fatigue and increase stress tolerance by promoting alertness. In clinical trials, Ashwagandha has demonstrated the ability to protect the body from the negative effects of stress by balancing and harmonizing body systems.

B-Slim HYDRATION TABLETS of B-Epic for Weight Loss with African Mango

You can use one or two tablets a day to make one full bottle of water a day.

It is necessary to consume the B-Slim slimming drink you have prepared 30 minutes before the main meal.

How to use

  1. Fill the bottle with drinking water.
  2. Place the water hydration enhancer tablet on top of the Tablet Chamber
  3. Close by twisting the bottle cap.
  4. The drink is ready to use.

Store B-SLIM tablets in a cool dry place.