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What is product B-Immune plus by B-Epic?

B-Immune plus by B-Epic is a new generation prophylactic immune product in capsules for daily intake and immunity support. B-Immune plus capsules by B-Epic are designed to strengthen the protection of the human immune system against various dangerous viruses and infections. B-Immune plus by B-Epic capsules expand and complement well the new line of protective natural supplements for boosting and maintaining immunity. Supplement has good antiviral properties. Natural pills B-Immune plus has been already on sale in the USA and other countries.

Price: $69.95 | 1 Bottle (60 capsules)

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What makes the capsules B-Immune plus work?

The well-balanced composition of B-Immune plus capsules contains two main ingredients that contribute to the effectiveness of the immune-protective product. These are the two ingredients curcumin and the ImmuniBoost blend. B-Immune plus capsules are powered by BioBDMC ™, a patented natural curcumin extract. High quality BioBDMC ™ curcumin is formulated with beneficial, healing, protective and anti-inflammatory properties.

Through clinical research, the BioBDMC ™ special curcumin formula in B-Immune plus capsules has been shown to support the immune system well, reduce inflammation and swelling well, helping to reduce pain, optimize and maintain good health. The second important ingredient in B-Epic capsules is the 100% Natural Proprietary ImmuniBoost Blend. ImmuniBoost Natural Blend is rich in powerful natural antioxidants to protect the immune system and fight various forms of infection and viruses. The ImmuniBoost formula consists of medicinal extracts of the purest natural herbs and valuable medicinal mushrooms. 

Benefits of B-Immune plus capsules by B-Epic:

  • The capsules support and increase the level of immunity.
  • B-Immune plus increases the level of the immune system.
  • The pills quickly relieve pain symptoms.
  • The capsules contain 100% of natural ingredients.
  • The product uses BioBDMC ™, a proprietary formula.
  • The pills reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Clinically Proven Formula.
  • B-Immune plus product without chemical additives and gluten.

Preventive use of orange pills:

Take 2 capsules daily to support immunity.

In cases of using the product during illness, use 2-4 capsules of the product daily, but not more than 4 days in a row.

If you are under 18, pregnant, or taking prescription medications, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before taking supplements.

Store capsules in a cool, dry, dark place.



Ingredients B-Immune plus

Review of Angel about product B-IMMUNE+

Review of Angel about product B-IMMUNE+

My body hates working on concrete floors…. I have multiple long term injuries from a Rollover.When I work on concrete like the floors at my store on my feet nonstop my body screams in anger, inflammation flares up, things click and clack that are suppose to and the pounding headaches are next level. Well thanks to amazing product BEpic B-immune plus that Developed and launched via this amazing B-Epic company. I’m Breezing through Valentines week at a Flower shop. You deserve to feel your best.

Review of Christy about product B-IMMUNE+

Review of Christy about product B-IMMUNE+

I received the B-IMMUNE+ pills 1 week ago right when the winter storm came. I immediately started taking pills (B-IMMUNE plus) 3 a day for the first few days since I was fighting a few cold symptoms I developed from the heat and power going on and off due to rolling blackouts. These Amazing B-IMMUNE+ pills of B-Epic knocked the symptoms out pretty quickly. Now I take 2 a day for daily maintenance. I work in the Medical field in close contact with patients so it’s exciting to know that this awesome B-IMMUNE plus supplement are building up my Immune system!

Review of Rona about product B-IMMUNE plus

Review of Rona about product B-Immune plus by BEpic

With all the illnesses and viruses going around, why wait to build up your immune system! With suplement B-Immune plus by B-Epic now is the best time to be ready!

сapsules B-Immune plus by B-Epic

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