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ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

B-Epic ALLEVI8 – Pain Relieving Touch Pads

The product (patch) ALLEVI8 by B-Epic will help you quickly soothe pain and eliminate discomfort. ALLEVI8 – Pain Relief Touch pads. ALLEVI8 by B-Epic has an analgesic effect and quickly relieves minor joint and muscle pain. ALLEVI8 Pain Relieving Touch Pad is a high-tech patch created thanks to modern technologies that contain only natural ingredients. Get relief when you need it most.

The ALLEVI8 is completely safe for health. Don’t let the pain hold you back any longer. Use the ALLEVI8 patch by B-Epic to relieve stiffness and body pain. The healing ingredients in the soft material from which the ALLEVI8 (patch) is made, after being applied to the skin area, quickly penetrate the skin and eliminate stress, soothe the nervous system, and promote relaxation and relieve pain. Don’t let the pain slow down your body by hindering your movements!

The natural ingredients in ALLEVI8 support fast absorption of the active substance into the body through the skin (transdermal delivery) to relieve pain, soothe, and relieve stress. The uniqueness of Pain Relieving Touch Pads is in their advanced and correctly selected composition, designed to relieve quickly pain, syndromes and anesthetize the area of ​​the body on which Pain Relieving Touch Pads were attached.


Price: $69.95 | 30 touch pads

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All components and substances included in the product (patch) ALLEVI8 interact and enhance each other’s actions. Patch can relieve minor and soothe severe joint pain. The B-Epic patch helps relieve muscle pain and promote relaxation. The B-Epic patch works effectively and safely on the body for 10 hours. Each ALLEVI8 pad acts on the painful area of ​​the body for 10 hours. ALLEVI8 will help you forget about pain and discomfort if you need to move. ALLEVI8 patches are not only great for minimizing pain and stiffness, they are also effective in relieving the daily fatigue of your muscles and joints.

What is ALLEVI8 PRO?

There are two versions of the ALLEVI8 of B-Epic product. ALLEVI8 Touch Pads and ALLEVI8 PRO version. Dr. Minsoo Kim designed and created the ALLEVI8 PRO product. Thanks to the advanced formula and ALLEVI8 PRO technology, the adhesive patches redirect the body’s own heat and energy to the right areas. These are the exact areas of the body where pain and discomfort need to be eliminated. ALLEVI8 PRO is designed to relieve physical discomfort, pain and stress in a safe, natural and targeted way. ALLEVI8 PRO does not cause negative side effects that can sometimes occur during the use of products from other manufacturers, which may contain harmful toxic substances.

Biodegradable, plant-based patches are filled with beneficial mixtures of aromatic medicinal herbs. The medicinal composition of ALLEVI8 PRO patches uses Korean Red Ginseng, a medicinal plant very useful for health recovery. The plant is good at stimulating blood circulation, so that the blood circulates quickly. Circulation of blood accelerates the process of penetration and distribution of therapeutic components of the patch in the tissue and provides rapid analgesic effect.

The packaging of ALLEVI8 PRO is designed so that after opening the package, the product does not lose its properties and is preserved for a long time. Each version is only available for specific markets. ALLEVI8 and ALLEVI8 PRO pads do the same job and serve the same purpose of reducing pain. When you order an ALLEVI8 product, one of these versions will be available for your country’s market. Two versions of this product are available for some countries.

ALLEVI8 B-Epic Touch Pads & ALLEVI8 PRO version.

The ALLEVI8 patches from B-Epic in two versions work quickly and you will feel much better right away!

The advantages of transdermal delivery of ingredients included in B-Epic ALLEVI8

  • Fast action of the therapeutic composition of the product.
  • Stable level of active substance concentration in the blood.
  • Easy and convenient way to use the product yourself.
  • Ability to terminate quickly the process if necessary.
  • Reduces the loss of medicine in the body.

Allevi8 Ingredients:

  1. Tourmaline.
  2. Magnesium.
  3. Ginger.
  4. Lavender.
  5. Ginseng.
  6. Potassium.
  7. Water-soluble adhesive base.

Ingredients in more detail:

Lavender is a well-known herb, which is an anti-inflammatory. This herb has analgesic and antispasmodic properties.

Ginger in Allevi8 also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Ginger is recommended for muscle pain, injuries, and sprains. This herb is also known for its ability to relieve fatigue. Ginseng has long been known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Capsaicin compound in the composition of Allevi8 is used to relieve pain.

Tourmaline improves blood circulation.

Magnesium in the composition of this product reduces muscle cramps and spasms.

Potassium regulates the conduction of nerve impulses.

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B-Epic ALLEVI8 ingredients and benefits

The main advantages of ALLEVI8

  • Convenience and ease of use at any time.
  • Safe natural product without chemicals and GMO.
  • Has high performance. 
  • Convenience using in any conditions.
  • Does not cause side effects.
  • Eliminates light pain sensations.
  • Soothes, joint pain, and muscles.
  • Restores and relaxes tired muscles.
  • Helps reduce stress and relax.
  • Contains natural beneficial herbs and minerals.

Instructions for using Pain Relieving Touch Pads

  1. Before applying the pads, wash and dry the area of ​​the body to which you plan to apply the pads of B-Epic
  2. Before applying the pads to the skin, remove the base from the pads by applying the adhesive side of the pads to the desired area of ​​the body.
  3. After applying the pads to the desired place, gently smooth, rub or slightly press down on the pad’s surface to eliminate surface irregularities.
  4. After using Pain Relieving Touch Pads, gently separate the pad from the skin and discard.

Directions for use ALLEVI8

  • The patch is for external use only
  • Do not apply the patch to your face or head.
  • Do not apply tape to knees or elbows.
  • Do not use patches for more than 10 hours.
  • Do not use the patch for more than 8 days without interruption.
  • Do not combine the use of the patch simultaneously with cosmetic oils or creams.
  • The patch is approved for use by persons over 14 years old.

Precautionary measures

    • Pregnant and lactating women are advised to consult a doctor before using the patch of B-Epic
    • In some cases, the patch may irritate the skin.
    • Removing Allevi8 patch from the skin may result in hair removal.
    • Store the patch in a dry and dark place.

Price of Allevi8 & Allevi8 Pro by B-EpicMore about the prices of Allevi8 & Allevi8 Pro

  •  ALLEVI8 30 touch pads $69.95
  •  ALLEVI8 Pro 15 touch pads $49.95
  • ALLEVI8 Pro 15+15=30 touch pads $79.95
  • ALLEVI8 Pro 15+15+15=45 touch pads $110.00

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Turesa writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

Turesa writes about using patches ALLEVI8 B-Epic

I had surgery on this shoulder for a torn rotator cuff in December! The cold weather flares it up and I have some pain every now and then. I used this patch of B-Epic on Monday and the pain is still gone! If you haven’t purchased patches ALLEVI8 yet please do! It has really helped me!

Melinda writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

Melinda writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

These little TOUCH PADS are amazing. Overdid it a lil bit at work yesterday. My back was killing me so bad it hurt to breathe. Applied this patch ALLEVI8 and within an hour the pain was completely gone. Normally the pain sticks around for days. One day later and still no pain. ALLEVI8 – is my new best friend. If you have pain I strongly recommend this product of B-Epic!

Bruce writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

Bruce writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

For the last two months I have made every effort to stretch my back and hams daily! It’s a must. I herniated a disc years ago, they shaved it, but it still talks back. Anyway, I had to spend 3hrs driving. 1-1/2 in each direction. Normally I would have had to exit the vehicle slowly to be sure I didn’t pull anything on the way up. I simply exited the vehicle and then went into the home. It wasn’t until I entered the bathroom that I realized I had no back pain? I’m like what the heck? Then it dawned on me, I put the ALLEVI8 patch on before leaving the house! It’s kept me comfortable all day and I just finished an 70min A-Team session with no pain! It’s 10:30pm!  I could no longer use the capcasin patches because they welted my back! Another B-Epic Miracle!

Jodi writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

Jodi writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

Wow! These Allevi8 patches!! I have trouble with my feet. I wore the wrong shoes this morning and my feet and ankles were hurting so bad I just needed to sit down. I cut a patch in half and put on the bottom of both feet. No kidding, within 5 minutes they were so much better. Love these B-Epic products!!

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Bonnie writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

Bonnie writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

I’ve suffered for a year with pain in my feet. The only time I got relief was when I was on high test pain meds for my knee surgery. Yesterday I was at my wits end, I’ve tried so much! Half a ALLEVI8 B-Epic patch didn’t cut it. It took a whole ALLEVI8 patch on each foot. These gave me so much relief!

Becca writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by BEpic

Becca writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by BEpic

OMG. Yesterday we were having Thanksgiving with my family and with all the cooking and stress I was starting to get a really bad head neck/ache. I applied ALLEVI8 patch B-Epic to my neck and had some of the and my pain was gone. Don’t miss out on these patches!

Jamie writes about patches ALLEVI8 by BEpic

Jamie writes about patches ALLEVI8 by BEpic

When the day ends in a hurt knee and a bursitis attack, I’m thankful to have my natural secret weapon against pain – these white B-Epic Allevi8 patches!

Denise writes about using patch ALLEVI8 by BEpic

Denise writes about using patch ALLEVI8 by BEpic

I have recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my neck and shoulder. This patch B-Epic Allevi8 has been lifesaver. Within an hour my range of motion has increased.

Janie writes about using patch ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

Janie writes about using patch ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

Recently I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right shoulder, hip, and knee. My shoulder is very painful most of the time. To the point where I cannot put my dishes away in the cupboard without wincing in pain. I also sit at a computer 8 hrs a day using my right hand to manipulate my mouse. So my arm and shoulder do all the work. At the end of my shift I usually put a heating pad on my shoulder to ease the pain. Yesterday I used patch B-Epic ALLEVI8 directly on the top of my arm and dove into work. I stopped for lunch and realized l could put my arm above my head, stretch it out to the right and it does not hurt. How cool is that? May not be a big deal to some but for me it is liberating. I am feeling Epic.

 Trish writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by BEpic

Trish writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by BEpic

I have struggled for years with sciatic pain, muscle spasms, and disc pain these ALLEVI8 patches have helped me so much with my pain management! I give these ALLEVI8 patches B-Epic my highest recommend (10/10) you really need to giving these a try if you have not already! Trust me I have tried lots of things and product ALLEVI8 works! Anyone with any back issues needs to give a shot!

Brittany writes about patch ALLEVI8 by BEpic

Brittany writes about patch ALLEVI8 by BEpic

Back in 2012 I messed up my shoulder pretty bad I separated my AC joint. I did a partial tear in my rotator cuff my arm was in a sling for about six months and I’ve always had problems with my shoulder every time the weather will change It would start hurting. I would end up taking Tylenol putting over-the-counter pain reliever cream on it just to give it some relief well the other day it was hurting really bad. My sister always talked about Allevi8 patch by B-Epic and how it’s helped her so I got some but didn’t really try it when I got it I was skeptical let’s be honest! But I ran out of my over-the-counter pain reliever cream. And when I went to go over my cabinet I seen Allevi8 patch and I was like I’m going to give this a try I am so glad I did! B-Epic patch helped me out so much! I absolutely love this stuff so much!

Rebecca writes about using patch ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

Rebecca writes about using ALLEVI8 patch BEpic

I found some of these Allevi8 patches by B-Epic in my drawer, cut them into strips, and WOW! the ache is gone, much of the sharp pain has diminished, and my range of motion is much better when I wear it. I’ve been doing fitness challenges again and haven’t missed one in the past four weeks. That includes push ups, planks and full-out arm workouts. Love these little white Allevi8 stickers.

AiMee writes about using patch ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

AiMee writes about using ALLEVI8 patch by B-Epic

I did lots of yards work yesterday! I woke up in the middle of the night in such pain with back spasms. I put on one of the plant based pain patches and ALLEVI8 by B-Epic quickly eased the pain and I was able to fall back to sleep!

Terri writes about using patch ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

Terri writes about using ALLEVI8 patch by B-Epic

Allevi8 patch by B-Epic is my favorite! I put Allevi8 on my lower back the other night, thinking I had to go back to acupuncturist, after using multiple pain killing creams, nothing worked, one night with Allevi8 patch applied, pain was gone when I woke up! I also use this patch at the top of my right foot which has painful degenerative issue.

Bonnie writes about using patch ALLEVI8 by BEpic

Bonnie writes about using patch ALLEVI8 by BEpic

I woke up this morning with my pain level in my ankle on the scale of 1-10, was probably at an 8. Had to head to town so I put an B-Epic Allevi8 patch on and within a few minutes my pain went down to about a 2! I love this B-Epic Allevi8 patch drug free pain relief!

Carol writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by BEpic

Carol writes about using ALLEVI8 patch B-Epic

These Touch Pads Allevi8 by B-Epic provide quick relief for achy joints and sore muscles. I workout almost every day and sometimes do a bit too much or don’t take the time to stretch out my hips afterwards. Allevi8 to the rescue! The biodegradable plant-based pads help to relieve pain and decrease inflammation. All natural ingredients. My husband suffers from chronic back and hip pain after a quad accident. These Allevi8 pads have worked wonders for him!

Lance writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by BEpic

Lance writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by BEpic

My personal experience with Allevi8 touch pads… Get a grip on joint and back issues! As a full time farrier for 20+ years, hard work and joint pain go hand in hand. You learn to live with the discomfort. Not anymore. With these B-Epic Allevi8 patches, you simply cut to size then apply. Within minutes you will feel them go to work. I’m allergic to many adhesives (athletic tapes primarily) no reactions using Allevi8 patch. If you are looking for relief from joint or muscle issues. I highly recommend you give these a try. I personally, am stuck on them!

Bethany writes about using patches ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

Bethany writes about patches ALLEVI8 by B-Epic

I’m going to be super honest… I wasn’t very excited about this patch of B-Epic. I didn’t see the vision for it and the science behind it went way over my head.

But I decided to give it a try anyways because the list of benefits of the patch was as long as my arm. My husband and I tried ALLEVI8 Touch Pads the other night before bed and I swear we both felt a sense of calm and relaxation that I can’t even try to explain. But that wasn’t even the best part..

I work a desk job and spend 40 hours a week leaning over a keyboard. My shoulder blades are always knotted up and so sore. I decided to cut one of these patches in half and put them on my shoulder blades and omg y’all. Within minutes I had relief. It’s been hours now since I’ve put them on and I still have no tension in my back and shoulders like I normally do.

This is a game changer for anyone who experiences back pain or muscle tension. It’s also good for muscle recovery after a work out! And when used on the solar plexus it seriously provided an overwhelming sense of calm and I slept like a rock (even better than usual if that’s possible).

So I’m done trying to understand the science behind B-Epic ALLEVI8 Touch Pads I just know whatever these geniuses came up with, it’s amazing.


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