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BMovement system by BEpic

What is the BMvmt system created for?

In July 2021, with the full support of B-Epic’s management, a completely new and innovative BMvmt system is launched. The aim and purpose of this BMvmt online program (system) is affordable training, support, as well as motivation and comprehensive assistance to B-Epic partners. The BMvmt online program aims to improve the health and financial well-being of all B-Epic partners (members). The BMvmt system aims to help people. The BMvmt program of B-Epic is designed to help people live healthier lives and become a better version of themselves. A properly planned BMvmt system and a clear, consistent step-by-step guide will maximize the opportunities. BMvmt will provide knowledge + opportunities + products & a daily step-by-step system with guidance to get maximum results fast.

Features and benefits of the BMvmt program.

BMovement includes daily, regular, dedicated walkthroughs and tutorials. B-Epic specially designed a seven-day program. The seven-day commitments and member guides are designed as well. Instagram and Facebook communities are created where participants (partners) of the program BMvmt by B-Epic can communicate and share their experiences. These social networks provide answers to participants’ questions about B-Epic products and provide valuable advice on how to use BEpic products correctly. Participants (partners) of the BMvmt program will be able to get acquainted with numerous objective reviews of people who have been using the entire B-Epic product line for a long time and who have received certain successful results for health.

BMvmt system

The program (system) BMvmt includes the 4 packs

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  • BMvmt Epic Pack (Elev8 capsules (pills) & Acceler8 capsules)

BMvmt Epic Pack includes ELEV8 capsules & ACCELER8 capsules

Price: $99.95

>Elev8 pills (capsules)

>Acceler8 (capsules) pills

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  • BMvmt Power-Up Pack (NutriNRG & Royal Blue Tea)

BMvmt Power Up Pack (NutriNRG & Royal Blue Tea)

Price: $99.95

> NutriNRG

  • BMvmt Ignite Pack (B-Keto & Royal Blue Tea)

BMvmt Ignite Pack (B-Keto & Royal Blue Tea)

Price: $119.95

>B-KETO supplement

  • BMvmt Putnam’s Power Pack (B-Keto & NutriNRG & Royal Blue Tea)

Ultimate Pack BMvmt Putnam's Power Pack (B-Keto-&-NutriNRG & Royal Blue Tea)

Price: $149.95

> Royal Blue Tea

  • BMvmt Heart & Immune Customer Pack (B-Cardio & ImmunoCode)

BMvmt Customer Pack Heart & Immune

Price: $109.95



Affords of BMvmt system

For the greater convenience of partners, regular presentations by reputable expert nutritionists and renowned motivational speakers and fitness instructors will be available. Weekly prize draws and interesting contests will be a nice additional bonus. BMvmt will also provide up-to-date information on all B-Epic products. According to the management of B-Epic, thanks to the BMovement system, people will have the opportunity to change their lives and health. Through the B-Epic BMvmt program, members of this movement will be able to find their right balanced, affordable path in physical, social, emotional and financial development. The right guidance and BMovement system from B-Epic will open up a wide range of opportunities available to everyone.

bmvmt system by BEpic

Don’t wait for tomorrow and join the Bmvmt system right now to kick start your health journey. Join Bmvmt program with all family members, your friends, co-workers. Four Different Bmvmt packs have been specifically created together to bring you impactful and maximum results that in 7 days will already be noticeable. Bmvmt Challenge is a system that allows to start the wellness journey in a comfortable, convenient, quick, and fabulous way. Improve your health thanks to the BMvmt system!

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