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Royal Blue Tea of B-EpicWhat is B-Epic’s Royal Blue Tea 

Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic – organic natural tea for weight loss, cleaning and body detox.

Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic also activates and supports the body’s rejuvenation processes and helps relieve fatigue and quench thirst. B-Epic Blue Tea is a natural, soothing, light antidepressant. The infusion has a wooden, slightly sweet flavor and reminds a bit of the taste of green tea.

BEpic Royal Blue Tea is made from the blue flowers of the Clitoria ternatea (Thai orchid). The plant belongs to the legume family and sometimes reaches over 3 meters in length. The evergreen plant with beautiful blue Clitoria ternatea flowers has several names: butterfly pea tea or blue butterfly and others.

Clitoria ternatea occurs naturally in the Tropics, Asia and North America. Only the best and elite varieties of plants are used in the manufacture of BEpic Royal Blue Tea. A special technology for collecting and processing raw materials allows you to maximize all the beneficial natural properties of this product by B-Epic. The unique, brightly colored organic herbal infusion Blue Tea is non-GMO and caffeine-free. The infusion can be consumed hot or chilled. If lemon or (lemon juice) is added to the Blue Tea the tea color will quickly change into a violet a color (fuchsia).


Price: $59.95  | 30 day supply

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The benefits of Royal Blue Tea of B-Epic for weight loss.

Thanks to the natural antioxidants contained in Blue Tea, a properly prepared drink promotes the elimination of harmful free radicals and promotes effective weight loss. Royal Blue Tea reduces appetite, which may also be beneficial for weight loss. Natural infusion helps to speed up metabolic processes, which is important for losing weight. B-Epic Blue Tea contains L-Carnitine. It supports the process of breaking down fat, creating favorable conditions for weight loss. The L-carnitine component, together with the anthocyanins in B-Epic Blue Tea, increase endurance and stability during physical exertion and during sports training, which can also be beneficial.

Also, tea (infusion) will be useful for people who are overweight, who are currently at high risk for prevention and protection against cardiovascular disease. Tea relaxes the walls of blood vessels and lowers arterial blood pressure well. Drinking Blue tea by B-Epic is a real prevention and protection against excess cholesterol. Healing drink from the blue flower Clitoria ternate supports vascular protection by preventing cholesterol plaques from sticking to the walls of blood vessels.

Blue tea of B-Epic

Health benefits of B-Epic Blue Tea

Blood circulation

One of the important beneficial properties of Royal Blue Tea is to increase blood circulation. Thanks to the beneficial composition that nature has endowed with this drink, the blood circulation speed increases. Blood flows faster to all organs, and organs and all systems in the body, respectively, work better and faster. The speed of cerebral circulation improves, which contributes to better brain function and also improves memory. The B-Epic blue Tea is useful for strengthening hair follicles and can also be recommended for people with various hair problems.

Benefits for vision

Blue tea of B-Epic can help as a preventive measure for people with vision problems. Tea helps prevent the appearance of cataracts and, thanks to its beneficial substances, normalizes the outflow of intraocular fluid, reduces pressure in the eyeball in glaucoma, strengthens the blood vessels of the fiber and improves blood flow to the capillaries of the eyes.

Rejuvenation of the body

The healing properties of Blue Tea made from blue Clitoria ternatea (Thai orchid) have been known for a long time to rejuvenate the body. Blue Tea reduces the harmful effects of carcinogenic substances and toxins on the body. The drink supports protection against DNA breakdown and stabilizes the state of cell membrane phospholipids. B-Epic tea potentiates sufficient collagen synthesis, which makes the product even more important in the processes taking place in cells.

The beneficial properties of the anthocyanins found in BEpic blue tea are important for maintaining health and rejuvenation. These substances prevent premature aging and improve the structure of fibers and cells of connective tissues. Proanthocyanid is a natural antioxidant in tea that protects cell membranes from damage.

Other medicinal properties

It is also known that these medicinal varieties of blue tea have adaptogenic, antiviral, sedative and antispasmodic, and antiallergic and choleretic properties. Natural Infusion by B-Epic contains more antioxidants than traditional green tea, therefore it has stronger anti-inflammatory properties. B-Epic Blue Tea may have a positive effect on the recovery process from respiratory illness. Blue tea has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. This healing herbal infusion also helps to increase immunity.

Composition of Royal Blue Tea

Composition Royal Blue Tea

The drink is rich in vitamins D, K, C, B12, B1, B3, B2. Royal Blue Tea by BEpic is rich in trace minerals and fatty acids that are beneficial to your health. Blue tea contains potassium, sodium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, potassium, sodium, stearic, linoleic and oleic acids. Recently, scientists have discovered high-molecular-weight peptides (cliotides) in the flowers of a blue orchid. The peptides in Blue Tea by B-Epic have very strong protective antibacterial activity.

Many beneficial natural compounds are found in B-Epic Royal Blue Tea. The Blue infusion also contains other ingredients: herbal blend of American persimmon (Diospyros virginiana), blessed thistle (Cnicus benedictus), marshmallow (Althaea officinalis), pawpaw (Carica papaya), Senna alexandrina (Cassia acutifolia), myrrh, ginger. The vegan-friendly product is gluten free and has no MSG, no artificial flavours, no caffeine and no preservatives.

Product BEpic Royal Blue Tea

USE: Take the infusion from 4 to 8 ounces of the brewed tea two or three times a day as you wish.
If you wish, you can mix this tea with juice, other drinks, natural flavours or you can drink it with lemon.
The product doesn’t lose original flavour taste neither in cool nor in the hot condition.

DIRECTIONS: for cooking one gallon of tea, use two tea bags.
Boil a quart of water and place two bags of tea in it.
Cover and infuse the tea from 4 to 8 hours.
The received infusion pours into a gallon pitcher and adds some water.

To save the freshness and all healing qualities of the product store in a cool, dry place and avoid the direct sun rays. The cooked drink is possible to keep in the refrigerator. If you are under the age of 18, have problems with your health, you take prescription medicine, or if you are pregnant or nursing, it is recommended to consult the doctor before taking this or any other supplement.

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 Review of Joy about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Review of Joy about Royal Blue Tea by BEpic

My first day on the B-Epic Royal Blue Tea was awesome. Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic really regulated my blood sugar. I had a smoothie at 11 am and didn’t eat again until 5:30 pm. I’m hypoglycemic so this is huge for me. Usually my blood sugar drops, my brain doesn’t function properly (gets foggy, can’t think straight), I get super hungry and am not very nice to be around. Usually I pig out on chocolate when this happens. And none of that happened yesterday. On top of that I had a lot of energy, went for a bike ride after supper and ended up working until 10 pm.
All I got to say is wow.

Review of Carrie about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Review of Carrie about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

OMG! I have to share this with everyone! Im down 7lbs in 2 days from this detox tea by B-Epic ! On Sunday morning I went to my mom’s house she had received her Royal Blue tea before I had, so she gave a glass of tea to try. Monday morning I was down 5lb! I received Royal Blue tea by B-Epic Monday morning, and had a glass before bed. I weighed myself this morning and I’m down another 2lbs! I can’t tell you how excited I am!

Update: results of two weeks.

My mind is completely blown! I seriously can’t believe the results I’m getting! I’ve been drinking this detox Blue tea of B-Epic for 14 days now, and I’m down 15lbs! I have way more energy, and my skin looks amazing!

Review of Darlene about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Review of Darlene about Royal Blue Tea by BEpic

Have you tried Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic? I’ve lost 3 lbs in 5 days!

Review of Dianne about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Review of Dianne about Royal Blue Tea of B-Epic

I’m so happy with my blue tea! I’ve been on Royal Blue Tea of B-Epic for 9 days so far. My skin is so soft and my hair is silky. My nails grew so much and I have no more migraines. I sleep so well and I am not hungry at all. I have lost 4 pounds and I feel great! The Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic is really working!

Review of Natanya about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Review of Natanya about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Omg I’m so in love with this Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic. I have down 6lbs in two weeks!

Review of Susan about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Review of Susan about Royal Blue Tea of B-Epic

I like all of B-Epic products but Royal Blue Tea is my favourite. I have a very sensitive palate & I’m not a tea drinker. But I love the blue tea… in fact, my body craves it. I have had so much stress over the last several months and drinking this Royal blue tea calms me down during the day & I am sleeping better at night. It’s a win-win!

Review of Krisdeann about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Review of Krisdeann about Royal Blue Tea by BEpic

I love Royal Blue tea of B-Epic. I have lost 5 lbs in 5 days. I feel less anxious and stressed. My appetite is suppressed. I feel amazing! Can’t wait to see where I am in a month.

Review of Annika about Royal Blue Tea of B-Epic

Review of Annika about Royal Blue Tea of B-Epic

I have a new favorite tea! I feel relaxed and my stomach works perfectly. I have a lot of energy! If you haven’t tried – do! I can’t live without Royal blue Tea by B-Epic.

Review of Maria about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Review of Maria about Royal Blue tea by B-Epic

I drink the amazing Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic. This tea helps me to control my appetite and I noticed that I eat just half portion of my meal for the day. Blue Tea by B-Epic also helps me to clean stomach. My craving for sugar is under control.

Review of Ada about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Review of Ada about Royal Blue tea by B-Epic

The best part of our day is sitting and drinking our Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic together outside on our party! I am down 2 pounds in 3 days and I have to announce my husband has success already. He lost 6.5 pounds just drinking the Royal Blue Tea twice a day! Wow 6.5 pounds…that’s amazing!

Review of Arlene about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Review of Arlene about Royal Blue tea by B-Epic

Three weeks on the Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic and my bald spot is filling in. Yay! Royal Blue Tea actually working!

Review of Connie about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Review of Connie about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Royal Blue Tea.….WOW
I received Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic just before starting vacation and had told myself to just wait till I get back home to start using Blue Tea, just couldn’t wait. So I brewed up only one tea bag and started to drink tea the next day. Totally blown away with the results. But, vacation came and I left the tea at home. So, 2 weeks at the ocean with family, eating plentiful, plus cocktails and we all know the results. Back home and immediately got back on track, adding this amazing detox tea faithfully and again…Wow. Royal Blue Tea helped me in 7 days lose the 7 pounds from vacation. Yep 1 pound a day, what a beautiful thing. Highly recommend everyone add Royal Blue Tea to your daily regiment.

Review of Lisa about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Review of Lisa about Royal Blue Tea by BEpic

Week 1 with 7 Day Shred! I have lost 2 pounds. 1.25 inches in my waist are lost. Royal Blue Tea cleans me incredibly! I have sustainable energy for the whole day. My sleep has improved tremendously with the Royal Blue Tea added to my regimen! I use an Oura ring for tracking and my score is usually between 86-90. Since starting this tea by B-Epic I’m between 88-93. Looking forward to Week 2!

Review of Joanne about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Review of Joanne about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

I just love the Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic that has so many benefits. Thanks to this detox tea full of antioxidants I lose weight, keep my heart healthy and relieve stress and this list goes on! Wow such a fantastic product!

Review of Rebecca about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Review of Rebecca about Royal Blue Tea by BEpic

Ten days ago, I added the Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic. I’m down another 6.4 pounds. I didn’t measure but I can see it in my clothing and the mirror… and in my skin texture. Took my son to the physiotherapist and she kept telling me that there’s no way I can be a mom-of-four, with 2 adult children. I didn’t change anything regarding my lifestyle. I already eat low carb, and I alternate between hiking and HIIT / resistance training. Drink the Royal Blue Tea of B-Epic, people! It’s very powerful!

Price: $59.95 | 30 day supply

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Review of Bonnie about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

Review of Bonnie about Royal Blue Tea by B-Epic

I am so excited my new Royal Blue Tea of B-Epic came today! My new batch of tea and I shared it with my daughter, Kayla to help her with female issues. This blue tea by B-Epic can help with so much. It’s like an asian tea or like green tea. You can add in blue tea a low calorie sweetener, lime or lemon for taste. Loving my new Energy, mental focus from having chemo 6 days ago and no bone pain. Ask any of my family members this week has been great. Haven’t napped since Sunday afternoon.

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