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Catalyst B-ECO by B-Epic

B-Eco Fuel Tabs is a B-Epic product for vehicles

B-Eco Fuel Tabs by B-Epic is a revolutionary product designed to save fuel (petrol, diesel, gas) in cars, motorcycles, boats, buses, trucks and SUVs.

B-ECO Fuel Tabs is an innovative fuel combustion catalyst of new generation, which opens a new non-nutritional eco line of beneficial B-Epic products, The catalyst  saves your budget and also supports and preserves the environment. In addition to a 15% fuel economy, proven by tests and experiments, the powerful B-Eco catalyst protects engine parts and assemblies, clearing them from all contaminants that appear during operation.

The main advantages of B-Eco Fuel Tabs

  • Reduces fuel consumption by 15%
  • Decreases emissions exhaust gases into the atmosphere.
  • Compatible with all fuels.
  • Extends the life of engine parts.
  • Lowers the cost of car maintenance.
  • Increases productivity and power engines.
  • Compatible with diesel and gasoline engines.


One Fuel Tab is enough for 15-20 gallons of diesel fuel, gas or gasoline. The tablets are universal and adapted for any brand of gasoline or diesel. B-Epic catalyst is equally suitable for cars with automatic or manual transmission. With ever-increasing fuel prices, large industrial consumers, shipping companies, fishing vessels, industrial enterprises and commercial carriers who consume large volumes of fuel every day have long tested and used fuel-efficient additives to save and reduce costs.

If your vehicle has a small fuel tank, you can break the tablet into two pieces and use one of them.

The improved B-ECO catalyst for lower fuel costs comes in the form of five simple yellow tablets. Five tablets come in one pack and are enough to handle 75-100 gallons of gas or diesel. Consequently, if you fill up 100 gallons of fuel in a given period of time, you will get an additional 15 -20 gallons of fuel savings, which means you will save the amount that you spend to buy those 15-20 gallons. This will definitely help you reduce costs by 15% and extend the life of your car’s engine, thanks to less wear on the upper cylinders and injectors, as well as protect the environment from harmful pollution.

One pack of B-Eco Fuel Tabs includes 5 tablets

B-Eco: Technical details

How it works

After one B-Eco tablet is sent to your car’s gas tank, it dissolves in a few minutes. Thanks to its chemical formula after dissolution, the tablet changes the molecular composition of the fuel you use, compressing its molecules. This actively speeds up the combustion process and minimizes fuel wastage.

In recent years, a lot of scientifically grounded and experimentally confirmed information has appeared that during standard operation of a car engine without the use of any additives, the fuel burns only 73-79%. Progressive B-Eco catalyst, through active burn acceleration, brings the combustion process to almost 99%.

The molecules of diesel fuel or gasoline that you use every day are hydrocarbon molecules of different sizes. Revolutionary ultra-concentrated fuel catalyst breaks down difficult-to-burn large fuel molecules, releasing more energy. The result is increased fuel economy and lower emissions. This increases the useful performance and increases the power of the car or any other vehicle in which you use the B-Eco product. B-Eco catalyst is safe as it helps to reduce harmful emissions and exhaust into the atmosphere due to accelerated fuel combustion.

The B-ECO Fuel Tabs technology was originally developed and adapted for large consumers, as they most needed this type of product and were the first to experience significant savings after using it.

Therefore, at the beginning, this technology was primarily created to work with diesel engines of large industrial fuel consumers. After rigorous testing and trials in the best USA laboratories the Fuel Tabs technology has been modified and adapted to work with gasoline engines of cars.

This advanced technology is already available for private use. Today, the advanced, revolutionary B-Eco Fuel Tabs catalyst is available to everyone and can be used at will in any personal gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle.

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B-Eco Fuel Tabs Testing

Fuel Tabs not only show a good consistent result of 15%+ fuel savings, but also significantly reduce the financial cost of maintenance on new and old cars or any vehicles.

test of Fuel catalyst B-ECO

The main difference between the B-Eco product and other offerings is that B-Epic Fuel Tabs actually chemically affects the way the fuel burns. Because of this, Fuel Tabs significantly reduce fuel loss. Therefore, diesel, gas or gasoline burns almost completely without loss, increasing the useful distance the car can travel.

Legacy fuel additives on the market today lag behind B-Eco Catalyst and may only work as engine part cleaners, but they do not produce significant fuel savings.



Benefits of B-Eco catalyst

Product Using

Open the package, take out 1 fuel tablet and gently place it in the fuel tank of your car before you pour fuel into the tank. Before using B-ECO product for the first time, it is recommended to wait 10-15 minutes before starting the engine to dissolve the tablet completely. After the second use of fuel tablet, you can immediately start driving. After 2-3 uses of the Fuel Tabs, you will get optimal results. Fuel tablet compatible with any grade of fuel.

To calculate the number of pills, you need to understand that 1 fuel tablet is enough for 15-20 gallons of gas or diesel. Knowing the volume of the gas tank of your car, you can calculate the necessary amount of product. If necessary, the fuel tablet can be easily divided into four equal parts. The fuel tablet can be divided into parts with a knife or a device for dividing tablets. To maximize fuel economy and reduce maintenance costs and improve vehicle performance, the product is recommended for continuous use.


This product is strictly created for use in automobiles.
Avoid direct contact of product particles on your skin and eyes.
Do not swallow pills. Store Fuel Tabs out of the reach of children.
When storing, keep away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

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B-Eco Fuel Tabs by B-Epic

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