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Elev8 pills benefits

Green pills Elev8 is the unique, revolutionary product of the B-Epic company. Elev8 pills by B-Epic increase energy and physical endurance, enhance cognitive function, relieve fatigue and stress, improve overall health and mood. Elev8 supplement has immune, rejuvenating, recovery and power qualities. The natural Elev8 pills (capsules) showed many useful, effective and positive benefits for a human body in practice. Elev8 product isn’t medicine. The composition of Elev8 pills can be fully attributed to the original natural products to restore health & improve quality of life. The result of taking Elev8 pills (supplements) is that a body recovers and improves on its own, without going to doctors and without using medicine.

  • Green pills are intended to make the organism stronger, more vigorous, hardier.
  • The pills provide balanced, natural nutrition to every cell of the human body.
  • By using Elev8 supplement you get more strength and natural energy for every cell in your body.
  • Various skin diseases on your skin will gradually disappear.
  • Blood sugar and cholesterol levels will decrease and return to normal.
  • The body’s recovery from injuries and illnesses will proceed faster.
  • Your body will become slimmer and more toned.
  • The B-Epic pills (supplements) will improve metabolism.
  • Your muscles and bones will become stronger.
  • The body will be cleaned inside.
  • Your vascular pressure will normalize and return to normal healthy levels.
  • Stress will be more easily tolerated.
  • Your mood will improve, your memory will become stronger and clearer.
  • Your brain will work faster and more efficiently.
  • You will feel even better, even if you were a healthy person before.

Elev8 pills (B-Epic capsules) are manufactured in the United States only. The shelf life of the green capsules (supplements) is two years from the date of manufacture, which is indicated on the back of the package.


Price of one Elev8 box – $59,95 (30 day supply)
Price of three Elev8 boxes – $109,95 (90 day supply)

Elev8 Pills Single Box

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What is unique about B-Epic’s Elev8 tablets?

Distinctive features of Elev8 pills (capsules) are…

  • Elev8 tablets (supplements) are completely natural, as they are made only from natural ingredients.
  • Elev8 capsules are packaged in special high-quality waterproof blisters.
  • The Elev8 pills by B-Epic have received quality certificates in the USA and EU.
  • B-Epic pills (supplements) have a positive effect on your body and brain.
  • Green pills (supplements) contain 29 natural herbal ingredients.
  • Each Elev8 pill (supplement) replaces the entire daily allowance of fruits and vegetables necessary for health.
  • The Elev8 product (supplement) by B-Epic contains all the components necessary for health.
  • You will feel the positive effect of green pills Elev8 almost immediately, literally within 20-30 minutes after taking.

Elev8 supplement ingredients


How to use

We recommend taking the Elev8 supplement 15-30 minutes before breakfast.
Drink with one glass (or, if possible, more than one) of warm water.
Do not take capsules (pills) in the evening – sleep may worsen.


First week – 1/3 of whole capsule.
Second week – 1/2 of whole capsule.
From the 3rd week – the whole capsule.
For people with diabetes, hypertension, fungal or allergic diseases, the dosage should be reduced.

Elev8 pills health effects

Elev8 pills (supplements) are the B-Epic product, taking which you will gradually be able to recover from various diseases, chronic and others that you could not get rid of for a long time.

  • Chronic diseases will gradually disappear.
  • Elev8 capsules by B-Epic will help to carry out a complete purification of the body.
  • Your level of energy and working capacity will increase.
  • There will pass the feeling of constant fatigue.
  • Elev8 by BEpic normalizes arterial and intracranial pressure.
  • The concentration of your attention and clarity of your thoughts will amplify.
  • Memory will become stronger and the feeling of uneasiness and depresses will disappear.
  • Your mood and overall health will improve.
  • Elev8 pills by B-Epic will strengthen your immune system.
  • A nevus pigmentosum, including from vitiligo, will disappear and will decrease.
  • Elev8 capsules (supplements) will eliminate headaches and will improve your dream.
  • The condition of joints and bones will change to the best too.
  • B-Epic pills normalize work of the digestive tract.
  • The mass of your body is normalized, extra kilos will disappear.
  • The condition of your blood will improve, also you will notice an improvement of a condition of your fingers, skins, hair.
  • Green capsules will increase cognitive abilities of memory.
  • B-Epic pill serves as the prevention of many diseases.
  • Elev8 capsules will help you to feel happier.
  • The pill (supplement) will improve your well-being and mood.
  • Pill by B-Epic will start the process of restoring the health of the body.
  • Elev8 supplement helps to strengthen and grow hair.
  • Green pill (supplement) Elev8 helps with vision problems.
  • Elev8 capsule by B-Epic effects on the better face skin color.
  • Green B-Epic capsule improves nail health and growth.
  • Green pill helps gradually improve hearing.

Elev8 B-Epic supplement for Energy & Stamina Focus & Memory

All miracles improvements of your organism will do capsules Elev8.
Your own organism is improved your health with the magnificent green pills. 
Elev8 pills are a product No.1 in the world.

One Elev8 box – $59,95 (30 day supply)
Three Elev8 boxes –$109,95 (90 day supply)

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Elev8 green pills by B-Epic consist of the following natural ingredients:

  • Herbal plant Rhodiola rosea (otherwise – golden root) supports the health of the nervous system, promotes the normalization of metabolism and increases mental and physical performance, increases resistance to infections.
  • Ganoderma mushroom (otherwise – Lingzhi or Reishi) help to eliminate toxins from the body and strengthen the immune system. It can help with arthritis, bronchitis, hepatitis, arterial hypertension, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It is useful for diabetes.
  • Bacopa Monnieri grass (aka Brahmi) has antioxidant, neuroprotective and nootropic effects. The plant can help with some types of depression and anxiety, and is also helpful for nervous disorders and headaches.
  • Guarana relieves physical fatigue and increases mental alertness and performance, promotes weight loss by reducing appetite and accelerating the process of fat loss, contributes to the maintenance of the cardiovascular system and excellent emotional state.
  • Chlorogenic Acid from Green Coffee Beens improves blood circulation and contains tannins aimed at stimulating physical and mental activity, improves cognitive abilities and stimulates the cardiovascular system, is the strongest of all known antioxidants to fight free radicals and obesity.
  • Amino Acid L-Theanine (extracted from plants and mushrooms) enhances cognitive abilities and reduces stress levels, is a good antioxidant and has anti-aging effects, promotes weight loss and prevents cardiovascular diseases.
  • Vitamin B3 lowers cholesterol and dilates blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, is useful for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, increases hemoglobin levels and improves vision and aids in the absorption of plant proteins.
  • Yohimbin (extracted from the bark of the Yohimbe tree) activates the processes of thermogenesis and fat burning, improves mood and increases motor activity, stimulates the central nervous system.
  • Extracts natural of vegetables and fruits including: Cranberries, Spinach, Broccoli, Carrots, Beets, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Apples, Oranges, Cherry, Cranberry, Black pepper, Blueberry.

Elev8 B-Epic pills ingredients are grouped into 3 blends:

Blend Composition Weight
Adaptogen Super Blend Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Chaga Extract, Reishi Mushroom Extract, Cordyceps Extract 150 mg
Nature’s Energy & Clarity Blend Bacopa Monnieri 45%, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Guarana Seed Extract, L-Theanine, Yerba Mate Extract, Caffeine, Yohimbine HCI (5 mg), Niacinamide, D-Calcium Pantothenate, B12 Methylcobalamin, Riboflavin 310 mg
Bioavailability Booster Blend Black Pepper Extract, Trace Mineral Blend 25 mg
Whole Food Derived Fruit & Vegetable Nutrient Extract Blend Apple, Spinach, Carrot, Broccoli, Tomato, Shitake Mushroom, Cherry, Beet, Cranberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Orange 225 mg

Content of vitamins

Vitamin DV%
Vitamin A 50%
Vitamin C 50%
Vitamin D 50%
Vitamin E 50%
Vitamin K1 50%
Vitamin B1 150%
Vitamin B2 150%
Vitamin B3 150%
Vitamin B5 100%
Vitamin B6 150%
Vitamin B7 50%
Vitamin B9 50%
Vitamin B12 2000%

What is Elev8 pill ?

The pill Elev8 – is a key which opens the process of the renewing and self-recovering of your organism.

The Elev8 supplement by B-Epic is a source of life energy, youthfulness, and health.

Elev8 pills (capsules) by BEpicToday B-Epic produces Elev8 capsules and packs them in such boxes.
The composition of the additive is indicated on the back of this box.

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Review of Jenn about Elev8 B-Epic pills

Review of Jenn about Elev8 B-Epic pills

My B-Epic journey started 2 months ago. I’m down 6.6lbs. But how I feel inside is immeasurable! I’m 47 years old and I was definitely struggling inside! You can see it in my eyes. Tired, Sad, depressed, anxious! I’m so grateful to the Elev8 pills for returning my energy and happiness! I found my happiness. I have energy all day. I am focused. My mind is clear… I no longer dread getting out of bed. The B-Epic capsules Elev8 gave me plus many more benefits.

Review of Curtis about Elev8 pills

Review of Curtis about Elev8 pills

Took my green pill Elev8 and I’m out here feeling energized and ready to conquer the day. 3 miles done…

Review of Emily about Elev8 pills

Review of Emily about Elev8 pills

Yesterday I ran out of my green pills Elev8, I was hoping for a delivery today but no. That green pill Elev8 by B-Epic is absolutely amazing for giving me all day energy from whenever I wake which is usually anything between 5am and 6am. Keeps me going until 11pm.

Buy Elev8 B-Epic pills

Review of Monica about Elev8 pills

Review of Monica about Elev8 pills

Since being on particular medication that I had to take for a sudden flare up, I’ve also been taking my little green B-Epic pill. This little green pill Elev8 has helped to level out my mood swings and combat a lot of the hunger and junk food cravings that I get while taking medicine. Believe me when I say I am not the only one who is happy with the Elev8 pills.

Review of Kristeena about Elev8 pills

Review of Kristeena about Elev8 pills

I am thankful for my fav B-Epic pills especially that I get a good night’s rest! But I am most grateful for my green pill Elev8 it gives me my daily energy I need to get things done. I no longer need a nap!

Review of Annika about Elev8 pills

Review of Annika about Elev8 pills

I just love my little green pill Elev8, it makes my brain function so great! I remember all my tasks all day long. It ha sent been like this before…. you know that feeling when you go into a room and you don’t remember why you get there… That is not happening now, it’s great!

Review of lona about Elev8 pill

Review of Lona about Elev8 pill

Being 41 I always thought I was too old to wear short shorts. But thanks to my B-Epic pills I am feeling more confident. I’m wearing the shorts and love how I feel in them. Today and tomorrow I sub in gym for k-6, but thanks to my green pill Elev8 I have the energy to keep up with them. Not once I felt tired or sluggish. Plus my boyfriend and I have the energy thanks to the amazing green pill Elev8 to workout from Monday to Friday at 5:00 A.M. for an hour. It feels amazing!

Review of Shannen about Elev8 pills

Review of Shannen about Elev8 pills

Nootropics and veggies are all in 1 morning Elev8 pill that helps me stay motivated and with enhanced mood all day long!

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