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girl with a package of elev8How to take capsules Elev8

Instructions for dosage Elev8. The dosage at the beginning of reception. As any product of a cellular delivery, Elev8 can aggravate some old problems of your health at the beginning. It is necessary to begin the reception Elev8 from half of the capsule for the first 7-14 days. You won’t feel a dyscomfort. The norm is necessary everywhere. When the doctor writes out a prescription and a reception course to you, you don’t use 2 pills instead of 1 at once. Therefore at first it is desirable to drink half of the capsule Elev8 a day. Then go to the whole capsule. It is necessary to accept the capsules Elev8 in the morning, before your breakfast washing down with a large amount of water. Basic course of reception is for 3 months.

It is recommended taking the capsules on such instruction. The first few days (1-7) – 30% of the capsule a day. Then 7 – 28 days – 50% of the capsule. The second and third months should be drunk 1 capsule a day. Repeat the treatment of the course is desirable for the fixing of the results. After a basic course it is possible to take a break for 14 days. And then it is recommended taking the capsules on such instruction -1 month you are taking one capsule a day and 14 days you have a break.

How long to accept the cellular product Elev8 of the BEpic company? The reception Elev8 is possible constantly. It is established to give the maximum results. Elev8 well helps at disposal of chronic, chronic diseases and also with a restoration stage after operations and a serious illness. How much to drink water during the reception Elev8? The capsule is washed down with a glass of warm water. During the reception Elev8 it is necessary to drink a lot of water not less than 2 liters a day.

Important information!

There are some exceptions when taking capsules. Be attentive and careful. Working according to the instruction, you will receive the excellent results. At serious problems diabetum, hypertonia, allergy and fungic diseases you should take 30% of the capsule Elev8 in the first week, in the second week you should take 50% of the capsule. For three weeks you should take 50% of the capsule (half capsule).Only from the second month it is possible to take 1 capsule a day, keeping reasonable individual care. The medicine prescribed by your doctor need to continue to take. Elev8 is combined with them very well. Consultations with your endocrinologist are desirable. To take Elev8 let to forget about an allergy and the exacerbations. Hypertensive patients have to take the capsule Elev8 carefully. Hypertensive patients have to watch pressure, to drink a lot of water and accept no more than half of the capsule. The capsules Elev8 is contraindicated fo pregnant.The product Elev8 is taken for half of the year to get rid of a prostatitis. You can give Elev8 to the children one capsule since 12-14 years old. The children of younger age (10-12 years old) can drink half of the capsule 1-2 times a week. It is enough for the support of excellent immunity and strengthening of the memory.

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