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How to create account in BEpic company & purchase Elev8, Acceler8, B-Keto, B-Cardio, ImmunoCode, Regener8, Royal Blue Tea, B-Eco Fuel Tabs & other products.

Thanks to the Internet it is possible to be registered in the B-Epic company and to buy BEpic supplements from any country in the world.

Elev8, Acceler8, B-Keto, Regener8, B-Cardio, ImmunoCode, Royal Blue Tea, B-Eco Fuel Tabs and other B-Epic products are available to order online in the US and also in other countries.

It is possible to be registered and to buy products (supplements) only on the >official company’s website.

The registration process described below is quick, easy, and straightforward.

For your convenience, you can preview look up the price of the desired B-Epic product in the price section before you sign up and buy the product you want.

During the checkout process, you can also view the price and select any desired product or product packages.

FYI: Packages comprising several of the same B-Epic products or special offers can be helpful and economical in price. But the choice is always yours!

Payment: It is possible to pay the order from the card account of international payment systems – MasterCard, Visa Classic, Visa Gold, American Express, Discover Novus.


Register (Sign up) & order BEpic products
If necessary, read the instructions below

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Sign Up instruction

Press the button “Sign Up & Buy Now” & visit the official site.

1. To create account choose correctly your country of accommodation in the dropping-out menu window.

Registration in B-Epic registration scheme 1

2. Press the green button named “Sponsor is correct – continue”.

Registration in B-Epic registration scheme 2

3. Press the green button “Preferred Customer”.

Registration in B-Epic registration scheme 3

4. Choose the necessary product of B-Epic and add the needed quantity of the product (button “Add to cart”).

Registration in B-Epic registration scheme 4

5. After choosing the product, press the button “View cart”.

Registration in B-Epic registration scheme 5

6. Then press the button “continue Checkout”.

Registration in B-Epic registration scheme 6

You can set up automatic reordering (auto-shipment option). This is optional, but convenient for getting products of B-Epic you need every month.

Registration in B-Epic scheme Autoship7. Then fill personal data (personal information).

Registration in B-Epic registration scheme 7

We think out the original login and the reliable confidential password. (Please do not use your email as login)

  • Signing Up in B-Epic fill in the personal data and the residence address correctly.
  • Specify your contact phone number and your e-mail address.
  • Being registered, specify data of the payment card correctly.
  • Choose a delivery mode and check the questionnaire attentively.

8. If the form is filled in correctly, click on the button “Process order now” and confirm your order.

Registration in B-Epic registration scheme 8

Click on the button Sign Up & Buy Now

Sign-Up and Buy Now B-Epic products

Congratulations, you signed up and ordered the best world’s high-performance B-Epic products.

By clicking on the link (Member Login) below, you can enter your back office by entering your username and password.

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(Member Login) B-Epic (click to open in new window)

Thank you for ordering the healthful supplements Elev8, Acceler8, B-KETO, B-CARDIO, ImmunoCode and Regener8 on the official B-Epic website.

Thank you for buying the unique B-Eco Fuel Tabs catalyst that will help you to save your money on car fuel.

Congratulations, you have made a wonderful purchase that will benefit your health and family budget.

Use the excellent High – Performance Products B-Epic.

Expect the arrival of your order.

In your personal account (back office) in some time you will be able to see and track the track number of your order.

After 2-5 days, the track number of your order will already appear in your back office.

Thanks to the back office, it is possible to track your order in the USA, and from USA to the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, France, Ireland and to other countries.

Now you can always track your B-Epic order online (click to open)

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