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Yohimbine in Elev8 - Yohimbe extract is an ingredient Elev8 capsules

Yohimbine as a part of Elev8

Yohimbine is a natural ingredient of the supplement capsules (pills) Elev8 by B-Epic. In the wild nature of central Africa, an evergreen tree grows – Yohimbe. From the bark of the Yohimbe tree, the substance Yohimbine is subsequently obtained. The loose gray-brown bark of the tree contains a large amount of alkaloid substances for which there is great benefit.

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Health benefits

The natural ingredient Yohimbine in green capsules of Elev8 is capable of much. Alkaloids have a strong sympathomimetic effect on the body. Alkaloids affect peripheral and central receptors and increase motor activity. Alkaloids have an antidiuretic effect. Tree bark contains about 0.7-1.55% alkaloids of the highest pharmaceutical value, including yohimbine.

The structure of the bark of an African tree also includes dihydrocorinanthein and corinanthin, aimalicin and alloykhimbin. Further, the natural, valuable component of yohimbine extracted from the bark of a tree is used in pharmacology to create various useful medicines, dietary supplements and sports nutrition. The unique natural alkaloid Yohimbine can stimulate lipolytic processes, activating the destruction of adipose tissue.

Yohimbine is a powerful natural aphrodisiac and an excellent stimulator of the central nervous system. The substance eliminates various neurotic conditions and suppresses symptoms of depression. Yohimbine relieves anxiety and fear, increases concentration, and mental abilities accelerate the reaction rate. Pharmacologists use yohimbine in the manufacture of medicine to restore erectile dysfunction. Yohimbine is known to inhibit nerve centers that control sexual arousal of the central nervous system.

Weight Loss Secrets

Yohimbine increases motor activity and prevents dehydration of body tissues. The substance is a good stimulant for effective fat burning. One of the unique features of Yohimbine is its lipolytic properties (fat burning property). By stimulating the production of adrenaline, Yohimbine activates beta receptors and blocks alpha receptors, which inhibiting fat burning. Beta receptors are known to trigger the breakdown of fatty tissues. Thus, all the reasons that interfere with the breakdown of fat are eliminated. All weight loss processes are launched in full force. Also, due to the blocking of alpha receptors, the blood flow is accelerated, accelerating the transport of fatty acids and eliminating fat accumulations in problem areas.

Other useful features

Yohimbine significantly increases concentration, increasing the cognitive capabilities of the brain. Yohimbine enhances sexual desire and creates a brighter sexual pleasure, enhancing the sensation of orgasm. Yohimbine promotes brighter sleep and improves mood.

Yohimbine as a part of Elev8 B-Epic capsules (pills) eliminates the symptoms of stress and anxiety, improves sleep quality and helps you enjoy all the pleasures of life.

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