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Reishi Mushroom Extractin in the Elev8 B-Epic green capsuleReishi Mushroom is as a part of Elev8

Reishi Mushroom Extract is a healing valuable mushroom in the Elev8 B-Epic green capsule (pill), belonging to the Ganodermataceae family. Information on the beneficial healing properties of Reishi Mushroom part of the B-Epic Elev8 product has come to us through many centuries. In Chinese mythology the Reishi was a symbol of strength, wealth, longevity and prosperity of the Emperors. Ancient legends endowed Reishi with various magical qualities, including for the immortality of man. Mushrooms grew around the palaces of the emperors, endowing the Chinese emperors with even greater divine power and authority.

People in those distant times with great difficulties and efforts climbed high into the mountains making a difficult path and found this valuable Reishi Mushroom. Sun climate and humidity are very important for the right conditions for good plant growth. The mushroom has several names. For example, in Japan the mushroom is called “Reishi”. In Korea it is called “Youngzhi”. In China, the mushroom is called “Lingzhi”

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The healing and beneficial properties of Reishi Mushroom

As we know, almost all human health problems arise due to an excess of harmful toxins and a decrease in the body’s immune defense. Reishi Mushroom helps to remove harmful toxins from a polluted body, helping to strengthen the human immune system. From scientific experiments and studies of the Reishi Mushroom, which is part of Elev8, the fungus helps with arthritis and hypertension and is able to solve cancer problems. Therapeutic Reishi Mushroom helps with bronchitis and has good properties for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Reishi Mushroom is very useful for diabetes and stomach ulcers. It restores the nervous system and also solves problems with insomnia. There are a number of studies in which there are many assumptions about the ability of the fungus to help the body in the treatment of leukemia and cancer. All these features of Reishi Mushroom are due to the chemical composition of the fungus which endowed him with wildlife.

Reishi Mushroom – Health Benefits

The composition of the Reishi Mushroom fungus includes nucleosides, triterpene, polysaccharides and fatty acids, proteins and sterols, amino acids and peptides, alkaloids and inorganic compounds. These substances allow us to see the great biological value of the fungus for health and excellent pharmaceutical qualities of the human body.

Reishi Mushroom is non-allergenic and non-toxic. Scientific studies show us the effect of the mushroom on preventing the development and growth of various tumors, and the high anti-inflammatory effect of the fungus. Polysaccharides in Reishi Mushroom are a good carcinostatic. The fungus can also be used in immunotherapy. Studies by Japanese and American experts show that the content of bioactive substances in a plant can actually be useful in the treatment of hypertension, hepatitis, diabetes and even cancer.

The composition of Reishi Mushroom is a great benefit to the body

Reishi Mushroom contains triterpenes or triterpenoids. The more triterpenes, the higher the pharmaceutical properties. The triterpen molecules in Reishi Mushroom are a cyclic hydrophobic hydrocarbon. Reishi Mushroom triterpene molecules have anti-allergic hepatoprotective and antioxidant properties. The triterpen molecules in Reishi Mushroom dramatically lower cholesterol, preventing platelet adhesion. The main important components of triterpenes in Reishi Mushroom are ganoderma acids. Reishi Mushroom is a major source of bioactive ganoderic acids. Triterpenes in Reishi Mushroom have strong antioxidant properties.

Reishi Mushroom has over two hundred polysaccharides. Polysaccharides play an important role in the treatment of cancer. They allow you to accelerate the process of destruction of malignant cells, starting with the mechanism of self-destruction. Polysaccharides in Reishi Mushroom inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Polysaccharides in Reishi Mushroom are important sources of medicinal properties. Studies have shown the effect of Reishi Mushroom polysaccharides on tumors and various forms of allergies. Polysaccharides help with the restoration of the human immune system by increasing lymphocytes and the emergence of new antibodies.

Reishi Mushroom also has the substance Ganoderan. The substance accelerates the use of glucose in the body. The substance promotes an increase in plasma insulin in glucose-loaded and normal cells. The hypoglycemic activity of Reishi Mushroom is manifested due to an increase in plasma insulin levels. An increase in glucose metabolism occurs in tissues and in the liver. The proteins in the Reishi Mushroom show mitogenetic properties.

Dietary fiber – high-molecular-weight compounds – has a great influence on the human body. Dietary fibers are not deposited and not absorbed by the body, they are excreted from the body and perform the function of cleaning.

In Reishi Mushroom, dietary fiber belongs to β-glucan compounds, chitinous substances, polysaccharides. Dietary fiber in Reishi Mushroom as an absorbing sponge absorbs harmful carcinogens and prevents their absorption into the intestines, accelerating their excretion from the body. Therefore, the Reishi Mushroom dietary fiber in Elev8 is effective in preventing colon and rectal cancer.

Selenium is an essential component for antioxidant protection of the human body. After analyzing the whole composition of vitamins in Reishi Mushroom, vitamins C and E and carotene were found. Reishi Mushroom also found a large presence of selenium.

Germanium is an important component of the Reishi Mushroom. Germanium at Reishi Mushroom is highly effective in the fight against cancer. The substance does not treat cancer but enhances the body’s metabolism. The body itself begins to fight cancer. Germanium in Reishi Mushroom is a powerful adaptogen that also helps to cope with stress. The substance has immune – restoring antioxidant and antitumor properties. The substance increases the ability of red bodies to transport oxygen molecules.

Reishi Mushroom contains many enzymes. The body uses them in the fight against diseases, helping to accumulate energy and increase metabolism in cells. Enzymes act like antioxidants and also resist harmful radicals. Ganodesterone was found in Reishi Mushroom. It is he who plays an important hepatoprotective role.

Reishi Mushroom Extract, which is part of Elev8, has tremendous opportunities and great potential to help health and the body. Reishi Mushroom Extract is only one of many ingredients in the Elev8 capsule (pill) which have been successfully selected by B-Epic for your health and long life.

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