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Composition and Ingredients of BIMMUNE of B-Epic

What is the B-IMMUNE BEpic supplement, its composition and ingredients?

B-Epic in the United States launched the B-IMMUNE product. The main purpose of the supplement B-IMMUNE B-Epic lies in the therapeutic and prophylactic effect of the orange drink on the immune system. The natural composition of B-Epic B-IMMUNE supplement is not only able to increase but also properly balance immunity. The composition of the B-IMMUNE product, thanks to the new formula of the ingredients, can perform important tasks for regulating immunity that supplements of other manufacturers cannot solve.

What is immunity?

Human immunity is one of the most important properties of protecting the human body! Immunity is the body’s immune response. A person with reduced immunity is often ill and is daily at high risk of contracting. A person with low immunity has poor protection; he is always exposed to viral and infectious risks. Low immunity can develop due to various reasons associated with unhealthy diets, poor ecology, overwork, age-related changes, serious illnesses and other factors. But not always excessively high immunity protects the body from viruses and infections. Immunity must also be properly balanced. Very high immunity can be dangerous for the body, causing autoimmune diseases and reactions. Defense cells mistakenly attack other healthy cells in the body, confusing them with a virus and damaging them.

B-IMMUNE ingredient list

  • Extract of the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi Mushroom). Valuable mushroom Ganoderma lucidum has been known to science for a long time, as one of the most powerful in adaptogens that has great benefits to human health and helps in the treatment of various diseases. The mushroom has a high cost in the international market. Ganoderma lucidum is one of the most important ingredients in the B-IMMUNE product. The fungus is able to restore human vitality and strengthen immunity due to its chemical composition. Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi Mushroom) contains unique polysaccharides, amino acids, proteins, alkaloids, glycosides, essential oils, vitamins, trace elements, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, copper, manganese, molybdenum, calcium, zinc, sulfur, and germanium. Thanks to its components, the mushroom, which is part orange drink of B-IMMUNE, helps in the treatment of immunodeficiency, various forms of cancer, diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, hepatitis and cardiovascular diseases. The main unique feature of Ganoderma lucidum is its ability to exert a regulatory effect, and it is safe for the body to increase suppressed immunity, as well as restrained excessively high immunity. Therefore, Ganoderma lucidum is suitable for the effective treatment of autoimmune diseases and immune problems. Ganoderma lucidum can enhance a weak reaction and safely weaken the stronger immune response.
  • Herbal Extract Echinacea is an ingredient for the body’s immune defenses that are part of the B-IMMUNE product. Due to the presence of essential oils, vitamins A, C and E, organic acids, glycosides, tannins, antioxidants and many useful trace elements, iron, silicon, selenium, calcium plant provides a highly therapeutic effect. Due to its powerful immunomodulatory properties, Extract of the herb Echinacea, known in medicine as one of the strongest and most effective medicinal plants for enhancing immunity, enhances the resistance of cells to damage by microorganisms and viruses. The plant blocks the spread of viruses in the body and stimulates the production of immunoglobulins. Extract, Echinacea is a powerful natural immunomodulator and an excellent antioxidant that reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood and cleanses blood vessels, increasing their elasticity. The plant has the ability to accelerate metabolism and relieve states of overwork and depression. The active substances in the Echinacea prevent the aging of cells and prevent the development of tumors, activating the synthesis of interferons and increasing immunity, remove harmful toxins and free radicals from the body. Echinacea accelerates and supports the repair of damaged tissues.
  • Acerola Extract is an ingredient that is а part of the B-IMMUNE. Acerola Extract is a natural ingredient that can be useful to increase immunity, as well as to restore and rehabilitate the body after being affected by viruses and infections. Acerola Extract contains a very large amount of vitamin C. The concentration of vitamin C in the berry is approximately 90 times higher than the vitamin C content in the orange. Thanks to this, the berry increases immunity. Vitamins of groups A, K, E, B1, B2, B5, B9 are also present in the berry, which is a part of the B-IMMUNE product. The minerals selenium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, copper, calcium, zinc and magnesium, which are necessary for the body, are also present in the berry. Beta-carotene of the berry helps to remove excess cholesterol from the body and cleanse of radioactive elements, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and increase resistance to stress. Acerola Extract reduces vascular permeability and increases their strength, improves the activity of the nervous system and helps get rid of stress and insomnia. Acerola Extract is a powerful antioxidant that can fight harmful free radicals.
  • Elderberry extract in B-IMMUNE contains large quantities of anthocyanins, which have a good immunostimulating effect that enhances immunity. Elderberry extract is useful due to anthocyanins, which have bactericidal properties. Berry extract can greatly enhance the immune system, improve sleep, and help cure colds. Elderberry extract has a disinfectant, antipyretic, and diuretic effect. The berry effectively inhibits the spread of viruses and infections in the cells of the body at the stages when the cells are already infected with the virus. High in Vitamin C and Polyphenol Elderberry extract supports the immune system and boosts antioxidant defense. Elderberry extract is a complex action, a product intended for use during a period of reduced immunity. Elderberry extract protects against the negative effects of free radicals. Due to which it reduces the effect of infection on the body, strengthens the body’s resistance and provides powerful support to the immune system.
  • The natural vitamin complex is part of the B-IMMUNE product (supplement). The complex includes various vitamins A, B3, B12, C, D, E, and also the minerals Zn, Se, Cr. Vitamins are indispensable helpers, they are important for the normal functioning of all body systems and the maintenance of general health and immunity in the body. Vitamins are involved in metabolic processes, regulate the functioning of the nervous system, and serve to prevent and protect against various infectious diseases.
  • The main ingredient in the B-IMMUNE supplement is Immunel ™. The Immunel supplement developed by the American company Roxlor USA consists of colostrum peptides. Natural colostrum is a fluid secreted by the mammary glands of mammals for some time approximately 15-30 hours before the production of milk for feeding offspring. Colostrum is a liquid of a thick consistency that precedes the appearance of milk in a mammal, which appears just before birth and immediately after the appearance of the baby animal. Colostrum has a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, antibodies, proteins, fats. Easily digestible proteins prevail in colostrum, which is much less than fats in milk than in milk. This natural product has a high amount of carotene, vitamin A, and ascorbic acid. Colostrum contains immunoglobulin, which actively stimulates the body’s high activity of the immune system. The product also contains vitamins E, D, B, magnesium, calcium, interferons and amino acids, natural antibiotics and prebiotics, lactoferrin and cytokines. The Immunel component is designed to maintain the natural balance and proper activity of the immune system. Immunel as part of BImmune acts as an immunomodulator.

What is the main advantage of B-IMMUNE?

The focus of the composition of the natural supplement B-IMMUNE, useful for balancing immunity, is that the B-IMMUNE preparation not only enhances the body’s immunity but also can regulate immunity by building the right balance between low and high immunity. Therefore, the composition of the B-IMMUNE product can be useful to all people of completely different ages who have strong or weak immunity. The B-IMMUNE product by B-Epic has received these unique properties due to its valuable natural composition. Properly balanced immunity is the key to good human health.

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