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The composition of ingredients of the product Acceler8 is original and 100% natural. The ingredients of Acceler8 pills are the second successful opening of scientists from the USA after the creation of the legendary product of Elev8. Thanks to scientific research, the ingredients of the Acceler8 supplement was ideally selected. Scientists calculated the exact combination of components and for the first time framed a unique product (supplement) Acceler8 on the basis of vegetable ingredients and live bacteria!

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Violet capsules Acceler8 Detox (Restore)

Acceler8 Detox Restore B-Epic

The formula pills Acceler8 Detox (Restore) promotes loss of weight, improves digestion, cleans from toxins and restores health of immune system. The composition of the violet capsules Acceler8 Detox consist of the important ingredients. Ingredients for creation of the balance of the digestive system. Ingredients for loss of extra unnecessary kilos. Ingredients of prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes. Ingredients for balance of the alimentary system. Humic acid is a powerful natural antioxidant that stops and removes harmful metals and free radicals. Binds and brings viruses, bacteria and allergens out of the organism, lowers cholesterin level. Normalizes the level of enzymes. Stimulates life of cells, accelerates neogenesis of the damaged cells. This is the anesthetic disinfecting and anti-inflammatory medicine.

Cranberry is the vegetable natural antioxidant improving digestion. The cranberry treats dysbacteriosis, cleans and disinfects an intestine.The cranberry removes salts of heavi metals, protects from free radicals. The cranberry has antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties. Changes and improves the urine. The cranberry prevents the formation of plaques and clots in the vessels.

Absorbent carbon cleans an organism from unnecessary substances, removes slags, toxic substances, reduces a meteorism.

The root of a dandelion improves the work of the digestive system. The dandelion root is cholagogue and diuretic. It is effective at hepatitis, a cholecystitis, cystitis, the lowered acidity, chronic constipations, arthritis, an eczema, furunculosis, diabetes mellitus, an atherosclerosis, anemia, a sleep disturbance.

The root of ginger improves the work of cardiovascular system, cleans from cholesteric plaques and clots, improves a blood formula.The root of ginger restores respiratory system, improves cerebration. It restores forces, takes off fatigue, increases endurance and slows down aging processes.

The althaea root facilitates a colliquation of slime and regenerates the inflamed mucosa walls. It is effective at tonsillitis, tracheites, stomatites, acute chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, acute respiratory diseases. The root алтея helps at gastritises, a peptic ulcer of a stomach.

Ingredients for effective and safe weight reduction

Senna extract is the light purgative substance of a plant origin. Has a positive effect on at a hemorrhoids, a proctitis, proctal cracks.It is useful at spastic and atonic constipations of various etiology.

Cortex of a slippery elm renders expressed the bactericidal, diuretic, anesthetizing, fortifying and softening actions. Burns fats, promotes weight loss. Saves from constipations, an inflation, a diarrhea. Eliminates a stress and alarm. Helps at cancer diseases. A cortex of a slippery elm kills pain and strengthens an organism, supporting all systems and organs, promotes purification of blood.

Milk thistle extract restores a liver, a stomach, an intestine, and helps skin disease. Helps with the solution of cardiovascular pathologies, gynecologic problems, a hemorrhoids. Milk thistle extract possesses the action protecting and restoring liver cells. Renders the antioxidatic and cleaning effect.

Aloe Vera root effectively neutralizes toxins and brings them out of an organism. Stabilizes Saccharum level in a blood, prevents digestive disorders. Burns fats, helps at a varicosity. Reduces folds. Strengthens hair, saves from a dandruff.

In the composition of prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes.

Probiotic is the bacteria, useful to the person, providing restoration of a normal microflora. Develop antibodies to certain viruses. Prevents attachment of harmful bacteria to the walls of intestine and slow down their body height. Blast the toxins emitted by harmful bacteria. Prebiotic is a nutrition for probiotics.

Jerusaleum artichoke is rich with a natural analog of insulin. Jerusaleum artichoke is necessary for a person with diabetes mellitus.Well helps at gout, an urolithiasis, anemia, adjournment of salts, an obesity. Jerusaleum artichoke reduces pressure, raises a hemoglobin, well influences a pancreas. Brings out of an organism of salt of serious metals, toxins, radionuclides and excess of a cholesterin, has pronounced anticancerogenic property, helps in the treatment of stroke and a hypertension.

Plantain peel powder is the sparing natural agent to get from constipated. Normalizes function of an intestine and perfectly cleans an organism.

Enzymes are metabolic catalyze of biochemical processes in cells. They are necessary for digestion of foodstuff, stimulation of activity of a brain, processes of power supply of cells, restoration of organs and tissues. Enzymes accelerate and start biochemical reactions in the organism. All of these are the best daily pro-biotic complex of bacteria. This complex is the antagonist of pathogenic microorganisms, such as salmonella, proteas, staphilococci, streptococci, yeast funguses. This complex deletes products of ichorization of tissues, synthesizes amino acids, vitamins. Improves and regulates a healthy metabolism. Promotes body height of good bacteria.

ACCELER8 SLEEP (white capsule)

ACCELER8 Sleep White Capsule B-Epic

Saves from insomnia and an intermittent dream. Acceler8 Sleep sates cells harmoniously with a natural vegetable delivery, restores disturbance of cellular functions and disbalance of an organism. Brings cells out of stressful situations. Strengthens antioxidatic protection and enriches cells with oxygen at night, preparing an organism for resistance to negative impact of the next day. Enlarges duration of a dream and improves its quality. There are three types of ingredients in the structure of this white capsule (pill).

The admixture for a deep sleep includes Magnesium citrate, Valerian root extract, Hops, Calcium citrate, Niacainamide, Melatonin. These ingredients help to helps soothe the brain and body at night to feel rested in the morning.

The admixture of the elimination of stress includes the following substances – Ashwagandha, L-theanine, Lemon balm extract, Passionflower extract. Harmoniously promotes a relaxation and improves sleep quality.

Admixture of ingredients for restoration of vital forces. Black pepper extract, calcium citrate, magnesium citrate. Magnesium citrate carries out magnesium to a cell. Possesses a broad spectrum of activity – analgetic, abirritating, somnolent, anticonvulsant, antiarrhytmic, cholagogue. Supports the power level of all organism.

Valerian root extract of saves from an overexcitement of a nervous system, insomnia, various psychoneurotic states, takes out spastic strictures of digestive organs, facilitates climacteric states and offensive of a natural dream. Regulates action of the heart. Strengthens bile secretion and secretion of digestive tract.

Hops solves many problems of health. Hops helps at cardiovascular diseases. Possesses the diuretic and anesthetizing action, helps at insomnia and neurosises, at gastritis, a disease of liver, gall bladder, infections with worms and a sea sickness.

The calcium activates and regulates biopower processes in cells and participate in process of coagulability of blood. Activates neuromuscular function, reduction of a cardiac muscle. The calcium function is an excellent construction material for teeth and bones.

Niacainamide amidum PP of nicotinic acid, B3 vitamin is effective at a gastritises with the lowered acidity, a chronic colitis, hepatitises and cirrhosis.

Melatonin, sleep hormone, is produced at night. It is the potent antioxidant salvaging from cancer and a premature aging. Gets into any cell and has the protective effect on its core which contains DNA and restores the damaged cells. Restores work of the digestive system, endocrine system and cells of a brain. Stabilizes the blood pressure and level of a cholesterol. Slows down aging of immune system.

Ashwagandha an elixir for our organism. Reduces stress, saves from insomnia, improves sleep quality. Regulates biochemical processes, prevents cardiovascular diseases, raises a hemoglobin, removes bad cholesterol, reduces pressure and risk of an ischemia of heart, strengthens joints and a bone tissue, participates in production of hormones, takes out inflammations. Suppresses body height of bacteriemic flora, interferes with development of cancer cells, stirs up cerebral activity, rejuvenates an organism.

L-teanin amino acid, increases sustainability of the organism to stresses. Improves cognitive abilities, increases mood, strengthens immunity. Prevents risk of development of serious cardiovascular pathologies. Protects brain vessels from destruction, promotes conservation of nervous cells and prevents development of a hypoxia.

Lemon balm extract contents vitamin C. It removes free radicals, prevents a premature aging, fills up power stocks, splits a cholesterin and brings him out of an organism. Strengthens heart, improves the work of the brain and a nervous system. Reduces stress.

Extract of a passionflower saves the person from nervous breakdowns, insomnia, kills rheumatic pains and cramps, normalizes hormonal balance, reduces blood pressure, restores work of cardiovascular system, alcoholism treats, helps at asthma attacks.

Extract of black pepper is the strongest antioxidant. Enhances effect of other herbs. Improves a circulation and oxygen address in a brain. Sanitates respiratory system and joints. Helps at insomnia, problems with a liver, gangrenes, hernias, diseases of lungs, heart troubles. Improves digestion, prevents body height of bacteria in the digestive system, reduces amount of intestinal gases. Helps with fight against cancer.

Calcium citrate plays an important role in reduction of muscles, rhythmical work of heart, coagulability of a blood, normal functioning of a nervous system splits cholesteric plaques, improves work of a liver, promotes productions of its enzymes, and also dilutes bile. Has the antitoxic cleaning effect. Helps at a rheumatic disease, gout, a rachitis, tuberculosis. It helps to dissolve kidney stones.

Ingredients of Acceler8 of BEpic

Acceler8 Supplement Facts ingredients Acceler8 B-Epic

Thanks to the ingredients of Acceler8 pills get deep sleep, calm down your nervous system, detox your body and lose weight!

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