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Chaga Mushroom ingredient in Elev8

Chaga is the healthy ingredient of Elev8 pills

Chaga Mushroom is a healthy ingredient in Elev8 green capsules (pills). Chaga Mushroom, of the beneficial composition of Elev8, is a medicinal plant that grows on tree trunks. Birch is a tree on whose bark a mushroom is formed and grows in nature. Sometimes Chaga Mushroom can also grow on alder mountain ash and aspen. In forest-steppe natural areas and mountainous areas Chaga Mushroom are found in the USA, Korea and Russia. Chaga Mushroom belongs to the family of Polypore. Externally, Chaga Mushroom resembles a dark brown growth on the bark of a tree.

Due to the wind, the spores of the plant fall into the cracked bark of trees and the mushroom begins to form and grow, increasing and weight. While the plant grows and reaches its full size, two decades pass. During this time, Chaga Mushroom absorbs and takes from the tree trunk all the useful vitamins and components that nature gave to the tree. The ripened Chaga Mushroom is of great therapeutic value and is used to produce natural healing products that provide health benefits. Trees die because they are left without all the nutrients that the mushroom has absorbed. This is the inevitable life cycle of the education and growth of Chaga Mushroom.

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Composition of Chaga Mushroom

The complex composition of Chaga Mushroom has many biologically active beneficial components – sterols and pigments, triterpenoid and polysaccharides, tannins and resins, lignins and fiber. The useful chemical composition of Chaga Mushroom also includes important acids: formic and agaric, acetic and oxalic, butyric and vanilla acids, also a large amount of potassium and manganese and other micro and macro cells. Also in Chaga Mushroom, there are many flavonoids and alkaloids, melanin and phenols.

What are Chaga Mushroom benefits?

  • Phytoncides fights microbes with viruses and infections.
  • Organic acids regulate acid-base balance.
  • Tannins have anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Lignin supports proper and stable kidney function.
  • The polysaccharides that make up the Chaga Mushroom carry a boost of energy and help restore strength.
  • Melanin perfectly accelerates metabolic processes in the body.
  • The high content of natural fiber in Chaga Mushroom helps normalize the digestive system.
  • Alkaloids eliminate spasms and regulate blood pressure.
  • Flavonoids in Chaga Mushroom have a diuretic and analgesic effect.
  • Flavonoids also help remove bile from the body.

More about healing properties

Chaga Mushroom is useful for the body with its pronounced antitumor and antiseptic capabilities that nature has filled the plant. It is also known that Chaga Mushroom promotes weight loss and serves as an excellent prevention of dangerous diseases. Many natural stimulants and organic acids in Chaga Mushroom normalize the balance of hydrogen and hydroxyl ions, providing a healing effect on the body. Chaga Mushroom promotes natural immunity.

A large amount of manganese and potassium in the plant has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Chaga Mushroom can stop the development of cancer in the early stages and block the development of cancer cells. Chaga Mushroom also has a positive effect on cholesterol and is able to lower sugar levels, having obvious benefits for patients with diabetes. Chaga Mushroom improves brain function and is also an excellent adaptogen.

Useful vitamins from the very heart of nature that are part of the Chaga Mushroom, which absorbed how a sponge has filled the human body for many years and provide an opportunity to resist and fight virus infections and dangerous bacteria. Chaga Mushroom can enhance and speed up the therapeutic effect of other drugs on the human body. Chaga Mushroom, a healthy, natural ingredient from the Elev8 B-Epic green capsules, is also an excellent antioxidant and helps relieve stress and strengthen the central nervous system.

These are the key benefits of Chaga Mushroom, one of the many ingredients in Elev8 B-Epic pills (capsules).


Chaga Mushroom a healthy natural ingredient from the Elev8 B-Epic

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