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Bacopa monnieri is an ingredient of Elev8

Bacopa monnieri is a medicinal plant

Bacopa monnieri is a valuable herbaceous medicinal plant. Bacopa monnieri is an ingredient in Elev8 capsules (pills). Bacopa monnieri in its natural habitat usually grows in countries with a warm climate and high humidity. Often you can see the plant near the coast and ponds in a marshland with silt soils. The green medicinal herb Bacopa monnieri is a creeping plant. Bacopa grass belongs to the plantain plant family.

The medicinal plant Bacopa monnieri, which is part of the product Elev8 B-Epic, grows in Australia, India and the United States. A large amount of moisture, sunlight and heat contribute to its productive growth. The plant can reach a height of about 10-12 inches. Bacopa monnieri flowers have light pinkish blue hues. The flowers resemble an elongated bell in shape. The flowering period begins in the warm summer. The natural life cycle of a plant in its natural environment is about 4 years.

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Useful composition of Bacopa monnieri

The beneficial healing properties of the Bacopa monnieri plant have been known to people for several millennia. Thanks to the components and substances that nature has given to the composition of the plant, the grass is very beneficial for human health. Bacopa herb is used to reduce anxiety and depression as a natural remedy for headaches and nervous disorders. The medicinal composition of Bacopa monnieri contains flavonoids and phenols, alkaloids and sterols, bacosides and saponins. Important substances such as luteolins, apigenins, sterols, quercetins and glucosides are present in the plant.

More about the benefits of components

  • Quercetins are involved in regeneration processes, possessing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Glucosides regulate and inhibit cholesterol absorption in the digestive system.
  • Styrenes are powerful adaptogens and help the body adapt to new difficult conditions.
  • Apigenins have a therapeutic choleretic and antispasmodic effect on the body.
  • Luteolins are flavonoids with great benefits, which have antioxidant and choleretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, immunomodulating and anti-tumor properties.
  • All the beneficial properties of the components of the herbaceous plant Bacopa monnieri allow for the successful use of this medicinal plant medicine and cosmetology.

The healing properties of Bacopa monnieri

The plant reduces pain and effectively helps with nervous disorders, positively affecting the human nervous system. The plant improves the functioning of the circulatory system and strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries. The plant has wound healing properties. The grass has been successfully used to recover from heart attacks and strokes, as well as after traumatic brain injuries. The plant neutralizes the inflammatory processes in the nerve tissues and increases the level of serotonin. Grass prevents premature cell aging and stimulates blood circulation in the brain. Bacopa monnieri provides effective prevention of Alzheimer’s disease by reducing destructive processes and death of neurons.

Bacopa monnieri reduces stress response and improves short-term memory, increasing the speed of information storage. Bacopa monnieri reduces pain and lowers cholesterol. The plant has a therapeutic effect on diseases of the thyroid gland. The grass is able to neutralize the harmful effects of acetylsalicylic acid and alcohol, preventing peptic ulcer disease. It is known that the plant can be used as a means for losing weight, as Bacopa monnieri reduces appetite.

With diseases of the urinary tract and infections of the genitourinary system, the plant has a good therapeutic effect. The therapeutic effect of the plant on the body is also effective for insomnia and depression, headaches and severe mental stress, memory impairment, epilepsy and speech disorders. The plant stimulates collagen production well, which leads to an improvement in skin condition.

Bacopa monnieri is a therapeutic ingredient that is part of the natural product of the green pills Elev8, which activates metabolic processes, slows down the aging of cells and increases the protective capabilities of the whole body.

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