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direction of purple Capsules Acceler8How to accept the capsules Acceler8?

The white and violet capsules (pills) Acceler8 are accepted together and at the same time. It is necessary to accept them together and only once a day. At the beginning of the course in the first week, to avoid individual discomfort, we recommend taking the capsules in a day. We recommend taking capsules exclusively before going to bed. Taking the capsules Acceler8 is not difficult.

Pour of drinking water into a glass and remove first the purple capsule RESTORE and then the white capsule SLEEP from the blister. Acceler8 (SLEEP & RESTORE) capsules can be removed from the blister in any order. Now you can swallow pills in the one by one or together as it is more convenient for you. Be sure to drink the capsules with plenty of water.

The white SLEEP & violet RESTORE Acceler8 capsules are swallowed entirely and washed down with a glass of water.

Attention! The capsules Acceler8 can’t be divided as they contain live bacteria. Not to open and dissolve capsules in water because bacteria will die in the aggressive water environment. The effect of the capsules will be lost. Acceler8 has exclusively the natural composition. Taking the capsules Acceler8 you are guaranteed, insured from the harm to health. Acceler8 perfectly will clean the body from the inside during the night and calm the nerves and restore you to a healthy sleep. Acceler8 pills (capsules) are the additional high efficiency way of weight loss. The process of weight loss lasts round the clock.

Further, for maintenance of the effect, it is desirable to repeat the course from time to time. The person becomes healthier and grows thin, even during sleep. The product works, improving your health 24 hours a day. Weight loss is a great additional bonus that you will receive by taking Acceler8 pills. Properly following the directions and recommendations for taking Acceler8 tablets (capsules) will help improve your nervous system, cleanse your body of toxins and get healthy sleep. Your level of health will improve. Try Acceler8 capsules today and your health level will rise!

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