Spray InstaGlove™ by B-Epic

Spray InstaGlove for long-lasting protection

The worst enemies of human health – dangerous viruses and disease-causing bacteria will be stopped and completely destroyed thanks to the new B-Epic InstaGlove disinfectant spray. InstaGlove ™ Spray is a serious, powerful and long-lasting protection against 99.99% of infectious microbes that prevent us, our children and our loved ones from living a calm and happy life every day, putting our health at serious risk. InstaGlove Disinfectant Spray have an effective formulation for long-term protection against viruses and infections, can help you feel well protected.

InstaGlove – effective & safe spray

The manufacturer, having clinically tested this disinfectant spray, confidently claims 4 – 6 hours of effective protection after applying the new B-Epic product to the skin, even in a minimal amount. InstaGlove provides invisible yet reliable protection against harmful germs, keeping skin soft and supple. Clinical disinfectant trials have shown that the formula is effective against a wide variety of fungi, bacteria and viruses. Tests have proven that B-Epic spray InstaGlove is highly effective even after repeated hand washing and other environmental conditions.

NEW Spray InstaGlove B-Epic

One 1 ounce bottle of InstaGlove is enough for two hundred uses. One drop of new InstaGlove Spray is sufficient to safely protect both hands from bacteria for approximately 4-6 hours. The effectiveness of the drug without an alcohol base is so high that it cannot be equal to the well-known standard alcohol-based disinfectants, the protection of which is effective and acts literally within a few minutes. The consumption of standard disinfectants of the same volume may be sufficient for only two dozen applications. InstaGlove ™ Spray has been tested by the FDA for its stated properties and has performed well in tests and tests.The spray uses a patented technology that can metabolically destroy harmful organisms and make bacteria unable to fight back. The product can also be used not only for hand disinfection, but also for other areas of the body. Spray InstaGlove ™ is safe for the skin by softening chapped areas the spray prevents the appearance of wrinkles and acne.

Benefits of a disinfectant spray InstaGlove

  • High efficiency against many known viruses
  • Instantly removes resistance from bacteria.
  • Support and benefits for dry and chapped skin.
  • Supports the prevention of acne and wrinkles.
  • Long-term reliable skin protection up to 6 hours.
  • An economical and convenient spray for using.
  • An effective spray in all conditions of using.
  • InstaGlove – clinically and laboratory confirmed spray.
  • The product does not lose its protective properties after washing hands.
  • Disinfectant contains no alcohol.
  • Evenly distributed over the skin surface.
Mode of application:
  1. Apply a minimal amount of spray to the desired area of ​​the skin (for example, the skin of the hands) or other areas of the skin.
  2. Evenly distribute the spray over the entire surface of the skin of the hands.

The spray is for external use only. Be careful not to get the spray in your eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical advice.

Attention! Keep out of reach of children. It is unacceptable to ingest the drug inside, which can cause poisoning and requires immediate medical attention.

InstaGlove spray effectiveness

Laboratory experiments and tests have shown

The following facts: InstaGlove spray effectiveness

In 60 seconds, the new instaglove sanitizer removes the threat and kills:

  • Clostridium difficle (c-diff).
  • plus eight common pathogens.
  • Staphylococcus aureus MRSA.
  • Escherichia coli.
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae.
  • Spray Reduces Feline Neuroviruses by 42% in 0.5 Minutes.
  • Is effective against foot fungus
  • Reduced candida auris by 90% in 120 seconds.

The new Inst aglove spray has been proven to be 99% effective against human coronavirus in tests. ( Human coronavirus is not COVID19 and is a surrogate)

The InstaGlove formula reduces the chance for dirt to stick to the skin, thus keeping your hands clean.

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