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Today in a new article on the B-Epic website in the USA we will again talk about the best effective cell product Elev8. Many interesting useful reviews of Elev8 are available on our site in the USA. The benefits of Elev8 to human health are undeniable and can be talked about these all the time. But there is still an interesting topic that we will definitely tell you today in our new review of Elev8 green capsules in the USA. First of all we go back to the composition of the cell product Elev8. It is no secret that the composition of Elev8 is indicated on the packaging of the cell product. After reading the composition of Elev8 it is clear that one of the components of the preparation is natural whole-food extracts of vegetables and fruits – whole extracts of spinach and cranberries, carrots and broccoli, beets and apples, tomatoes and oranges, strawberries and grapes, cherries and pomegranates. What amazing things have you thought? Indeed many useful special supplements also have various vitamins in their composition. Everything is completely wrong. Let’s take a closer look.

What are natural whole food extracts?

Elev8 whole-food nutrients are natural nutrients that are extracted from spinach and cranberries, carrots and broccoli, beets and apples, tomatoes and oranges, strawberries and grapes, cherries and pomegranates. Such complex is much more useful than individual extracted substances in simple additives of other manufacturers. So the vitamins contained in vegetables and fruits are surrounded by substances that help their better absorption. It is important to understand that the nutritional nutrients of each fruit or vegetable are its immune system they also provide powerful immune support to people but only in the natural complex. Nutrients from fruits and vegetables need to be extracted together in a complex. The benefit from them will be the most maximum then. The manufacturer of cell nutrition Elev8, the American company B-Epic, focuses on the integrated extraction of nutrients from quality vegetables and fruits, which we call whole-food nutrients. Whole-food nutrients are natural nutrients extracted from a whole plant comprehensively in its entirety. A mixture of whole food nutrients in Elev8 is a scientific development of scientists obtained from a dozen whole natural complexes of nutrients extracted from orange, apple, cranberry, spinach, carrot, broccoli, beet, tomato, cherry, strawberry, grape and pomegranate. Each natural fruit or vegetable complex represents a full range of nutrients of one fruit or vegetable. Findings about the benefits of Elev8 to people’s health are well founded and convincing. Our new Elev8 review confirms one of the important differences, advantages of the unique Elev8 product over other manufacturers in the USA and the world. But there is another interesting sensational weighty addition related to this ELEV8 review. The composition of natural whole-food nutrients includes strawberries. Recent research by scientists in the field of rejuvenating the body and slowing down the aging process indicate that strawberries are the most powerful natural source of the content of the rare and valuable substance – fisetin. Fisetin is the brightest natural component that slows down the aging of the human body.

Vegetable and fruit extracts in capsules Elev8 of B-Epic

What is fisetin?

Fizetin is a natural pigment dye that gives plants a golden hue. Chemically fisetin is a plant polyphenol. Active research on the beneficial properties of fisetin began relatively recently. US scientists say that according to practical medical experiments Fisetin is a natural product that can selectively kill aging cells. The body of a young man quickly cleansed of old damaged cells. In adulthood the process of purification is difficult and slow. As a result cells that do not self-destruct are accumulated in the body. Old diseased cells can cause inflammation and secrete destructive enzymes, which leads to diseases, aging of the entire human body. And then fisetin comes to the rescue. Fisetin can reduce the number of cellular secretions and inflammatory processes. Fisetin helps the body get rid of old and damaged cells. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in the risk of age-related diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and many others. Scientists expect that the substance can extend human life by an average of 10 years. Research is going on. Fisetin can certainly prevent aging at the cellular level. It is able to enhance the health of the body and brain. Fisetin may increase longevity. Fisetin is able to inhibit the aging of the body. Fisetin has anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic effects.

Where is fisetin founded in nature?

Oddly enough the sources of this substance are apples, grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes and the main leader of strawberries. The leader in the content of fisetin is fresh strawberries which contain the most fisetin. To achieve a significant positive effect you need to eat at least 40-50 fresh strawberries every day. This is not easy for various reasons and some people are allergic to fresh strawberries. Naturally, specialized extracts of fisetin from plants in the cellular product Elev8 come to the rescue. Elev8 includes the whole-food complexes of strawberries, apples, grapes and tomatoes. The substance fisetin in the cell nutrition product Elev8 has real effectiveness and high availability for everyone. Fisetin can prolong and improve our life. Extend your life without disease. Everything is in your hands.

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