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Elev8 normalizes cholesterol

Elev8 pills normalize cholesterol

One of the new promising safe solutions for bringing cholesterol to its natural norm is the product Elev8. Elev8 pills are natural, non-chemical product of the American Company B-Epic. Due to its natural composition, the product can really safely help solve this problem and can be positively recommended for use.

Let’s take a closer look at its natural composition. One of the components of the pills’ Elev8 composition is a valuable herbaceous perennial plant of Bacopa Monnieri. Bacopa Monnieri has the ability to activate metabolic processes, normalizing cell recovery and the aging process slow down. The plant strengthens blood vessels, capillaries, improves blood flow. The plant eliminates increased appetite, therefore, is a means for losing weight. Grass gently normalizes cholesterol. Bacopa Monnieri increases the concentration of the hormone thyroxine, which has a positive effect on energy and plastic metabolism.

Elev8 pills (capsules) also include Rhodiola Rosea. Rhodiola Rosea has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, increasing their elasticity and flexibility. Rhodiola Rosea stabilizes blood pressure and plays an important role in the production of bile, urine, and makes the adrenal cortex work more actively. This helps to remove excess cholesterol from the body. Rhodiola Rosea helps strengthen the immune system and positively affects the nervous system, have a neuroprotective effect. The plant is able to strengthen the circulatory system and balance sugar levels.

Reishi Mushroom gonoderme helps reduce blood sugar. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body and has antioxidant properties.

Guarana Seed Extract, also part of pills Elev8, stimulates the central nervous system, increasing the metabolic rate and the rate of fat burning, stimulating the nervous system and reducing appetite.

Shiitake Mushroom protects the liver, significantly improves its function, and has a positive effect on liver cells. The liver can correctly synthesize cholesterol. Shiitake Mushroom helps to reduce blood viscosity, a gentle decrease in blood pressure.

Elev8 pills also include natural whole food extracts of fruits and vegetables – spinach, broccoli, beets, carrots, tomato, orange, apple, strawberries, cherries, grapes, pomegranates and cranberries. In each capsule (tablet), Elev8 content of these natural extracts derived from fruits and vegetables is equivalent to a daily dose, which is fully enough for an adult. Vegetables and fruits contain natural pectin, a lot of healthy pectin, especially with apples. Pectin, according to recent studies, helps a lot in normalizing the right cholesterol level. Natural pectin from fruits and vegetables contributes to the proper functioning of the liver, i.e., the correct synthesis of the necessary cholesterol. Elev8 pills can be recommended for safely leveling the natural level of cholesterol and stabilizing its optimal value.

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Cholesterol: benefits or harms

Cholesterol benefit or harm. Necessary component or mortal danger. A topic that affects not only residents of the United States. A global issue of concern to the whole world. Approximately 27% of people are overweight. As a result, 157 million people on the planet suffer from high cholesterol. About 20 million people die from cardiovascular disease. Excess cholesterol increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, developing atherosclerosis and also developing eye diseases that lead to vision loss. Being a necessary component of the body, cholesterol at the same time can turn into an insidious delayed killer. But not everything is so simple.

Cholesterol: enemy or friend

Cholesterol is an organic compound for the production of vitamin D and the hormones that make up our cell membranes. Cholesterol is important for the body. Cholesterol is an important building material of the body. It is part of cell membranes, hormones, vitamin D and nerve tissue. Being a plastic building material, as part of the cell membrane, it ensures its stability. Cholesterol is also involved in the important synthesis of bile acids, which are necessary for emulsification and absorption of fats in the small intestine. The body needs cholesterol. The membrane of our cells consists of it. Regardless of our nutrition, the body will constantly produce cholesterol, transporting it to create new cells and restore old membranes. There are two types of cholesterol they are called good and bad. The usefulness of cholesterol depends on what it is transported to and what substances it collects, as well as which of the lipoproteins it interacts with.

Good cholesterol is represented by high-density lipoproteins, which prevent contamination of blood vessels from extraneous deposits. Bad cholesterol consists of low-density lipoproteins. They are able to settle in the blood and create health problems. The body of a healthy person is able to self-regulate the process of cholesterol synthesis. If excess cholesterol enters a healthy body, it stops producing it. As soon as the amount of cholesterol is insufficiently supplied with food, the body more actively begins the synthesis of cholesterol. If the level of cholesterol is normal, it positively affects the body.

Threat – bad cholesterol, an excess of which contributes to the formation of plaques. The main difference is that bad cholesterol can be deposited in the form of sediment on the inner walls of blood vessels, clogging them. Obviously, the consequences of completely blocking the artery can be fatal. Cholesterol plaques clog arteries and interfere with the passage of blood to internal organs. The reasons for raising cholesterol are very diverse and not yet fully understood. A sedentary lifestyle, alcohol, smoking, fatty foods and severe stress are some of the factors of high cholesterol. It is worth remembering that high levels of bad cholesterol can also lead to atherosclerosis.

There are many approaches in the US and Europe on how to deal with bad cholesterol. Nutritionists recommend a variety of diets. Doctors prescribe medications and this does not always give a positive result. There are both supporters and opponents of medical, chemical intervention in the body. By lowering cholesterol by chemistry, we upset its balance, which is also not very good and can have a side effect. The cholesterol in the human body should be as much as conceived by nature itself a deficiency of this substance is also harmful as an excess. Cholesterol is needed for the normal functioning of the entire nervous system. It is involved in the synthesis of hormones – estrogen and testosterone, as well as cortisol and vitamin D. Diets are also not a panacea and are not convenient for everyone. Is there really no solution to this problem? Of course, there are solutions and one of these solutions is the use of Elev8 capsules (pills) of B-Epic.

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