Elev8 & Acceler8 and neurosis

physical and emotional stress is the daily reality of residents of US cities

Nervous disorders & their causes

The constant stressful effects that a modern person experiences can lead to a nervous breakdown. Unfortunately people themselves rarely realize this immediately. A continuous increase in the number of nervous disorders among US residents indicates the magnitude of this problem. Often even young and able-bodied men and women suffer from disorders of the nervous system. Doctors believe that the reason is the negative impact on the nervous system of the modern lifestyle. Mental, physical and emotional stress is the daily reality of residents of US cities. Unfortunately many Americans suffer from neurosis. What is a neurosis? Neuroses are functional disorders of the central nervous system that can be triggered by emotional, mental or physical overload and psychological trauma.

Signs of Nervous Disorders

The main signs of a nervous breakdown are increased anxiety, tension, decreased working capacity and problems with concentration. Alternation of lethargy and irritability, sudden pain of unknown origin. If you constantly observe such manifestations in yourself, you must at least reduce the level of stress. Indeed, prolonged stress can damage the psyche. Many dangerous diseases arise from the nervous system. Often human nervous disorders occur due to the fact that a certain part of the brain is poorly supplied with blood and oxygen. At the same time, there are no problems with memory, logic and thinking. Teachers, doctors, firefighters, police officers are more stressed than others. And indeed they can often experience nervous breakdowns. Most likely human nervous disorders could be laid earlier, but had a hidden character. In a stressful period problems worsen and manifest. Nerves are to blame for all or almost all of our health problems.

Elev8 & Acceler8 help nerves

People with nervous disorders need to take B, C, E vitamins and preparations containing potassium, calcium and magnesium. Without these components enough energy is not produced in the cells of our body, and the functions of the cardiovascular system are reduced, it is difficult to achieve concentration and attention. These nutrients and vitamins, occurring in the right amount for the health of the human nervous system, are part of B-Epic’s best cell products: Elev8 and Acceler8. Elev8 and Acceler8 drugs reduce anxiety, tension and irritability, help eliminate vegetative and somatic manifestations of stress and also have a positive effect on the nervous system. Green product Elev8 and violet Acceler8 have an additional stimulating effect, which is reflected in an improvement in mood. Elev8 and Acceler8 products can be purchased in the USA without a doctor’s prescription. Elev8 and Acceler8 are not medications. You can order B-Epic products in our direct B-Epic online store in the USA and not to doubt the safety and quality of the preparations. When used properly Elev8 and Acceler8 products do not cause drowsiness or weakness and do not reduce attention span.

The product Elev8 includes Rhodíola rósea. Medical studies have shown that salidrazide Rhodíola rósea increases the rate of regeneration of a damaged nerve. Rhodíola rósea prevents damage to nerve tissue in case of local cerebrovascular accident and ischemia. Prevents stress and destruction of nerve tissue under the influence of beta-amyloid and other factors. Rhodíola rósea has analeptic, antihypnotic and stimulating effects. Rhodíola rósea, part of Elev8, improves cognitive functions: attention and memory. Rhodíola rósea extract has axiolytic activity, inhibits the enzyme monoamine oxidase and has a pronounced anti-depressant effect. Salidrazide Rhodíola rósea prevents the development of status epileptics and reduces damage to the nervous tissue from status epileptics.

Valerian Root contained in Acceler8 has a calming effect on the central nervous system, improves the activity of the cardiovascular system and lowers blood pressure. Valerian Root has a number of useful properties for the nervous and cardiovascular system. The use of  Valerian Root is indicated for people with a hot temper in order to prevent the occurrence of nervous disorders, neurosis, depression and other disorders. It is recommended for people experiencing increased stress at work for complete relaxation and subsequent rest after a busy day.

Ashwagandha, part of Acceler8, is used as a general strengthening and adaptogenic agent due to the high concentration of antioxidants. Ashwagandha helps the body adapt to daily stress. Ashwagandha affects the body’s ability to adapt to various stresses. Ashwagandha is used in medicine to treat agitated conditions. This is one of the most powerful tonic herbs that replenishes the body’s energy. Ashwagandha is one of the best remedies for treating nervous system disorders. A good tool for the treatment of anxiety, accompanying many nervous disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, for the treatment of insomnia. Ashwagandha is also indicated for cardiovascular diseases and hypertension, accompanied by nervous disorders. Studies have shown that after taking Ashwagandha the body decreases the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. This hormone is associated with premature aging, weakness and loss of strength, impaired cognitive function. The Ashwagandha plant also supports the function of the thyroid gland – an organ that affects hormonal balance. Ashwagandha contains a large number of active substances with calming properties. These include: phytosterols, alkaloids , coumarins, phenolic acids and sieveindosides. B-Epic’s Elev8 and Acceler8 products also contain natural vitamins and other essential substances for relieving nervous disorders needed to strengthen nerves. Using two healthy natural products, Elev8 and Acceler8, at the same time you will definitely improve the health of your nervous system. Nervous disorders will gradually become a thing of the past. Protect your nerves and live stress free.

Mollie’s review about the use of capsules of B-Epic to get rid of stress

Mollie's review about the use of capsules of B-Epic to get rid of stress

Okay, 3 days in and I’m stunned! These pics are hard for me! See I’m a fitness professional, a manager at a gym and personal trainer for 20 years. I’ve competed in figure bodybuilding shows, raced in triathlons and usually practice what I preach. But then 2 babies came, and I added about 10 lbs from that and my body structure changed a bit, no big deal, I was bouncing back okay. BUT then…The Rona!!! My fitness center shut down and because I work for a hospital system I was fortunate enough to have HR reassign me to a temporary position. I felt blessed to be employed but it was a desk job and my active lifestyle went to zero. I’ve battled with emotional eating all my life but this stress of not knowing from day to day what was going to happen to my career sent me to “I don’t care” land! Before I knew it even my stretchy clothes were tight! When I stepped on the scale this past week when I went to donate plasma I saw 200lbs and said Enough! I’ve actually been in this group for 2 months and kicking myself I didn’t get my pills sooner!!! Not only can I feel my body bouncing back and the bloating gone, but my mental state is so much better! Bring on the stress, I feel I can handle anything right now! I have more patience with my kids, I haven’t touched an energy drink or diet soda since day one and I’m eating what I want but satisfied with a small portion. I’m so thankful I finally admitted stress was getting to me and started this regimen! Can’t wait to see what will happen this next week as my body heals!

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