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What is the B60 B-Epic program?

Do you want to change your lifestyle and get back in top physical shape? Enjoy a two-month supply of healthy B-Epic supplements, perfect for a successful two-month wellness recovery program. The B60 B-Epic set contains the best supplements: ELEV8 Energy & Health and ACCELER8 (Cleanse, Recovery & Sleep Complex) pills, and HYDR8TION Alkaline Water Booster. In this package additionally includes the full 60-day B60 Challenge program, which includes additional daily instructional videos with instructions, tips, and more. Take the B60 Challenge! In just two short months, people–just like you–are creating lasting healthy habits and getting a kick start on a healthier, happier lifestyle.

What is the B60 program B-Epic for?

If you want to look and feel younger than your age, the new B60 B-Epic program will help you get started, realize and bring your desires closer to home in 60 days. For two months, you act according to the instructions of the program and you will regain health and start living a healthy, full life. Join the B60 Challenge and become part of the worldwide B60 B-Epic community. The B60 Challenge makes it easier for you to achieve your goals with lots of inspiration and guidance throughout your journey to a healthy lifestyle. It is enough to live in anticipation. Take action now. Add more life to your years. Many people in the USA and other countries have already been able to regain health and great physical shape with the best high-performance products from B-Epic.BEpic-B60-60-DAY-HEALTHY-LIFESTYLE-PROGRAM

HYDR8TION product of BEpic


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What supplements are included in the B60 package

The B60 package of the B-Epic line of high potency supplements has been designed and assembled to improve health and wellness in a short time in two months. These B-Epic supplements help increase energy, mental performance and promote weight loss. The supplements (pills) included in the B-Epic B60 package help to improve mood and overall well-being and help to improve the quality of your healthy sleep.

  • Elev8 pills of B-Epic, included in the new B60 program, thanks to the latest technology, are designed to support your daily mental and physical activity at a high level. Each Elev8 capsule (pill) contains highly effective extracts of pure herbs, mushrooms, whole foods rich in bioavailable nutrients. Elev8 pills (capsules) also have powerful nootropic and adaptogenic properties due to its composition, helping you to increase energy, mental clarity, mood and stamina.
  • Acceler8 pills – includes the newest unique combination of the two supplements Restore and Sleep. Acceler8 capsules (pills), thanks to their composition, do their job of helping your body maintain overall health and this supports your weight management. RESTORE pills have a detoxifying effect, naturally cleansing the body toxins. In addition, RESTORE pills contain beneficial bacteria. Bacteria help replenish your microbiome with health. Acceler8 Sleep has a calming effect and promotes physical and mental relaxation and restful, healthy sleep.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of HYDR8TION to improve and heal your regular drinking water for daily use. Increase the hydration of the water you consume daily. Increase your drinking water level PH two notches up to maximize the benefits with the HYDR8TION Alkaline Water Booster. HYDR8TION contains a modern mineral complex that changes and improves the structure of ordinary water, making it more alkaline, healthy and pleasant to the taste. HYDR8TION works with two other supplements to enhance and optimize the functioning of all organs and systems in your body, enhancing the effectiveness of other B-Epic supplements.


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Reviews B60 program

Joy writes about B-Epic program B60 challenge

Joy writes about B-Epic program B60 challenge

Day 1 of the B60 challenge complete! I am seriously so excited about this easy-to-follow B-Epic program B60!! I encourage you all to join!

Stephanie writes about B-Epic program B60 challenge

Stephanie writes about B-Epic program B60 challenge

6 months on these B-Epic supplements. 37 days doing B60 Challenge. Green in the morning. Purple and white at bed time. Clearer thinking. Better moods. Better sleep. More energy. Down over 50 lbs. Take the pictures. Take the measurements. Stay away from the scale!

Devin writes about BEpic program B60 challenge

Devin writes about BEpic program B60 challenge

This week I committed to my lifestyle change. I did my program B60 workouts, took my B-Epic supplements, drank my water, worked on mindset and started tracking my food and calories. I stepped on the scale and have lost 7.4lbs since Monday these supplements of B-Epic are not a get skinny quick pill, but they do fuel your body with everything it needs and more! Be consistent and make a decision to make a lifestyle change. Today I am grateful for my program B60 workouts and magic pills of B-Epic! If it weren’t for being introduced to these supplements 9 months ago and them helping with my energy, gut health, sleep and anxiety I would not be where I am today!

Tracy writes about BEpic program B60 challenge

Tracy writes about BEpic program B60 challenge

I am so excited! These pictures were taken 52 days apart. I have been totally committed to the B60 program. I take natural B-Epic supplements. The weight had been creeping on since April because of peril menopause and the stress of all things related to the pandemic. I honestly didn’t think a short intense workout would make any difference but I committed to 60 days. Wow, I am so glad I was wrong! I feel amazing! The workouts are short so I want to do them. B-Epic program B60 doesn’t require any special equipment and can be done anywhere! I am a believer.

Cyndi writes about B-Epic program B60 challenge

Cyndi writes about B-Epic program B60 challenge

With the combination of these awesome B-Epic supplements and 145 days of consistent B60 workouts feeling fit and trim and fitting in cute little clothes..

Cindy writes about BEpic program B60 challenge

Cindy writes about BEpic program B60 challenge

Helping my husband, Bill, get out the door this morning…. He comes into the kitchen to get all of his meds and supplements slurped down. Then he mumbles something about his jeans…. I ask him to repeat….

Bill: {mumble, mumble, these jeans, mumble}

Me: What did you say?

Bill: (lifting his top shirt up) I got into these jeans this morning.

Me: (confused) did you have trouble?

Bill: These are 42’s and not the 46’s I have been wearing!


This is crazy. He has been wearing 46 jeans for a couple of years. I am so thankful we have found a combination of things that are working. Most importantly, being consistent on our B60 program! 10 minute workout a day, water, intentional food choices, our B-Epic supplements, mindset, accountability. If Bill can do it, so can you!!!

Marie writes about B-Epic program B60 challenge

Marie writes about B-Epic program B60 challenge

This totally blows my mind Still hard to believe that’s really me. These pics are only 30 days apart I weigh the same in these 2 pics Proof that we all need to focus on inches instead of the scale I’ve finally found something that I can maintain! Firming up time with B-Epic program B60 challenge and the gym.

Price: $110

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