Rejuven8 by BEpic

REJUVEN8 serum (BEpic TM)

Rejuven8 is a new BEpic product. The Rejuven8 product includes the stem cells of Goji berries. The new Rejuven8 serum is unique. Rejuven8 was developed by BEpic specialists using innovative technologies of the modern cosmetology.

Serum Rejuven8 is a unique cosmetic product capable completely transforms the skin of your face and neck in minutes.


Use Rejuven8 daily.

It is enough to apply a few of Rejuven8 serum on the face skin and after 15 minutes you will see another person in the mirror. The skin of the face and neck, thanks to the properties of Rejuven8 magic serum, will be smoothed and transformed.


You will completely defend your face from small and large wrinkles, your skin will tighten and unwanted sagging skin will disappear. Being a cosmetological natural cellular product, Rejuven8 serum is able to restore youth and freshness to the skin of your face. Other BEpic products created earlier restore health and prolong life. All B-Epic products trigger the body’s self-healing processes. Correct and simultaneous use of all BEpic products will give a positive result. Intended use of Rejuven8 is a balanced reduction in epidermal moisture loss in the skin. Decreasing the speed of dehydration of the skin is increasing the protective abilities of your skin. As a result of the use of Rejuven8 serum, the color of the skin of the face is more evenly aligned. The deep penetration of the molecules of the innovative Rejuven8 product into the skin of the face retains a long-lasting anti-aging effect. You gradually forget about your age. Scars and wrinkles disappear and are smoothed out. Pigment spots dissolve, facial contours become more expressive. The most safe skin lifting effect is achieved.


Rejuven8 BEpic

  • Rejuven8 is expected to be released in mid November 2019.
  • The number of Rejuven8 bottles are unfortunately limited.
  • Look for new information on our website.

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