Registration in BEpic

How to register in BEpic company and purchase Elev8 and Acceler8 products

Thanks the Internet it is possible to be registered in the BEpic company and to purchase products ELEV8 & ACCELER8 from any country of the world.

It is possible to be registered only on the official company’s website

We recommend to get acquainted  with the prices of packets previously for your convenience.

Please, be determined in advance and choose a necessary packet to you before the registration.

In addition we report that the big packets are more economical at the price for 1 capsule.

But the choice remains for you.

It is possible to pay the order only from the card account of international payment systems – Master Card, Visa Classic, Visa Gold, American Express, Discover Novus.

See the prices at the bottom

Being registered choose correctly the country of your accommodation in the dropping-out menu window.
Your order will come to your address.
Register, order a product and be healthy for many years.

Registration simply and clear (Instruction!)

1. We press the button registration and visit the official site.
2. Choose correctly the country of accommodation in the dropping-out menu window.

BEpic registration scheme

3. We press the button to continue and choose the necessary packet.
4. Having chosen a packet, we press the button to continue, and we fill personal data (personal information)
5. We think out the original login and the reliable confidential password.
6. Being registered in B-epic correctly fill in the personal data and the residence address.
7. Specify your contact phone number and your e-mail address.
8.Being registered specify data of the payment card correctly.
9.Choose a delivery mode and check the questionnaire attentively.
10. If the form is filled in correctly, click on the button and confirm your order.

Registration & BUY NOW

We congratulate you on purchase and registration in the company.
Now you press the button, in the dropping-out window you specify your login and the password.

You get to the personal account.
In your personal account your paid order will be illuminated by green color.
Later the number of a delivery note of your order will appear in your personal account.
Then you will be able to expect the arrival of your order.
Use a magnificent revolutionary product of B-Epic.

Be healthy for many years!

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