Elev8 energy for life

Energy what is it?

The energy of life is a component without it the work of not a single element in the human body is impossible. In other words life is impossible without vital energy. Energy is a charge for maintaining a healthy and fulfilling life of the human body as a whole. Our energy charge as a battery must be constantly replenished for the full life of the human body. As soon as replenishment or a charge of energy occurs slowly and energy consumption occurs faster than a charge health problems begin. These problems develop into illnesses. Energy is a powerful internal force that leads to the proper interaction between each other and the established work of the organs and systems of our body.

The link between energy and health

The level of health is directly related to the amount of energy. High level of energy: the presence of strength and performance resistance to stress. Good mood and well-being, great physical shape and low fatigue, good immunity. Low energy: fatigue and fog in the brain, depression and poor sleep, low immunity. To replenish the energy installation of your body you need daily refueling with energy. One of the main sources of energy replenishment is timely proper and healthy nutrition. In our bustle of life it is very difficult to fulfill this condition. It is difficult to follow the rules of a healthy diet for various reasons. We constantly violate the regime of proper healthy eating. Unfortunately we pay too expensive at the cost of health loss.

What do we know about food

We know that food is an energy building material. Scientists have proven that proper nutrition affects the mental and physical activities of humans. Building material should be healthy, light and complete, natural and environmentally friendly.

Elev8 is the energy of life

The serious problem of modern life was successfully solved by the American company B-Epic. The company created Elev8 an ingenious means of replenishing the body with energy for the whole day. Just one small green pill per day and you are saved by receiving everything you need for a healthy charge of your body’s cells for a day. So natural product Elev8 contains the necessary useful trace elements and extracts, medicinal mushrooms adaptogens and herbs that naturally grow in different climatic zones and countries. The useful healing composition of Elev8 has the ability to fill you with the health and energy of nature itself. The American scientists of the B-Epic laboratory possessing deep knowledge and many years of experience have developed the unique energy cell complex Elev8. Every morning taking just one green Elev8 tablet you get energy insurance and protection for the whole day filling and charging the body with the health formula – Elev8 vital energy formula.

Curtis writes about B-Epic pill Elev8 for energy

Curtis writes about B-Epic pill Elev8 for energy

The only way to start your day….  Green Pill of B-Epic Elev8 and Go!

Opal writes about using B-Epic Elev8 pills for energy

Opal review on using BEpic's Elev8 pills for energy

I just wanted to share with everyone. I hate to exercise, mostly because I have no energy, since starting the program 3 weeks ago, I now have the energy to exercise. This is so big for me, I feel so much better, energy is soaring. I don’t get on the scale. Will measure in a week. I do know my pants are getting loose. EXCITED!!!!

Maria writes about using B-Epic pills

Maria writes about using B-Epic pills

It’s been 10 months into my B-Epic journey! I started B-Epic pills March 6, 2020 I am migraine free and off all my Rx’s. I have DJD in my lower back and I am no longer in any pain. I can exercise and do things like sit ups, planks, jumping jacks, and even jumping squats with ZERO PAIN!! I have Barrett’s Esophagus and my most recent scope revealed that my esophagus is healing! I don’t choke on my food like I used to and I don’t projectile vomit or spew water like I used to! I don’t have to go back for another scope for 18 months vs every 6 months too! My GERD (acid-reflux) flare ups are down to maybe once a month when I decide to indulge with pasta sauce or something acidic, Y’all I used to have issues DAILY, no matter what!! Bra Size down from a 38 to 34 and I’ve proudly lost a cup size! DDD to DD. Shirt size went from 2XL/XL to Larges and Mediums. Jeans I started in a size 31, I now am wearing a size 27. Started at 211 ~ Today 184 pounds!! I am down 27 freakin pounds y’all during a worldwide pandemic. No I haven’t changed my diet. I don’t diet. I eat pretty healthy as in 3 meals a day that are low carb, due to my Barrett’s. I don’t drink soda at all.I drink lots of water! I take green pill in the morning and purple and white at night along with 8-16oz of water. I drink a minimum of 80oz of water a day every morning! If and when I drink a glass or 3 of wine then next day I drink that many additional glasses of water to help my purple pill flush my system. My life is better because of B-Epic pills!

Lawanda tells about using pills of B-Epic for energy

Lawanda about the use of B-Epic

So cute.. My 21 year old son was living on energy drinks and he has now kicked them to the curb since he’s been on B-Epic ! I saw him the other day and he was in such a good mood and I asked him about it and he said “ya mom, I took my go go pills!” Lol … He said he doesn’t drink energy drinks, pop, nothing anymore. Just water.

Lindsay tells about using BEpic pills for life energy

Lindsay about on using BEpic's pills for energy

I have never felt more alive! A scale means nothing to me…That’s just an item that brings discouragement. Measuring means nothing to me…who can really get the perfect measurement without dropping the tape a hundred times. Time frame means nothing to me…Everybody is different, every BODY is different. Photos and how I feel means EVERYTHING! I have my energy back, my happiness, my motivation to get things done; I am a better mom wife and aunt. I am showing up every day with a smile on my face! I literally Dance every single day for no reason other than I feel like it! The way I look is just a bonus!! My clothes fitting better is just a bonus. To me my Happiness & feeling Alive again is the greatest benefit of all! Anything else that happens along the way is just a bonus!

Amy writes about pills of B-Epic for energy & mental clarity

Amy writes about pills of B-Epic for energy & mental clarity

Not focus on the OBVIOUS weight loss and inches gone, let’s talk about how muchenergy, mental clarity and how incredible my moods have improved! I love my magic pills of B-Epic!

Lauri writes about using B-Epic capsules

Lauri writes about using B-Epic capsules

This is a picture of my Mother and me. My Mother quit eating the second week of November. I decided to take her out of the assisted living facility on November 11th. I knew Mom was much more frail than I had seen her in October. I became her caretaker from that day for the next 5 weeks until she passed away. Little did I know, the 3 B-Epic capsules I was taking religiously every day, would be a life-saver for me. EVERY night, Mom would wake up multiple times. I would get up and take care of her needs, then lay down and try to go back to sleep. The white capsule allowed me to go back to sleep, even if only for a short time. Every morning when I woke up, I felt rested. When I took the green capsule, I felt energized to stay awake and alert to help Mom. I know God put this company, and it’s fabulous B-Epic capsules in my life at just the right time.

Michael tells about using B-Epic capsules for life energy

Michael tells about on using BEpic's capsules for energy

I have been taking these amazing  capsules for a little over a month now! I haven’t dropped a crazy amount of weight, lbs but I have for sure lost a lot of the bloat & excessive heavy ness my body was feeling. I never knew how bad it was until I started to feel good again! I started this journey to increase my energy & it has proven to do that & more for me! I no longer am fighting to get myself to sleep at night, after a super long & busy productive day! Note keeping myself busy during the day was always a struggle within itself, as my lack of energy kept me from doing the simplest tasks and I always felt so burnt out. I’m not only able to stay motivated the entire day, but my concentration levels are thru the roof! That’s just the energy part! The bonus is being able to fit in my jeans more comfortably, so much that I retired my yoga pants! Lets not forget about the best part of all, how my mood has been super uplifted!

Tanya writes about using B-Epic capsules

Tanya writes about using B-Epic capsules

I was burned out tired, ate all the wrong foods and had a lot of digestive issues. Sleep m and nutrition plus my 3 magic B-Epic capsules have been a huge help!! Thank you BEpic! My year difference between pics.

Famie writes about using BEpic capsules

Famie writes about using BEpic capsules

In 1 month of being on these B-Epic capsules Id like to say my life has changed for the better. Im a mother of 4 and a child care provider. Some days i was so tired i didnt know how i was making it through the day. Since being on these pills B-Epic.. I get better sleep, I feel so much more alive and Im losing weight. Thank you Down 10 lbs and 6 inches off my waist.

Tabitha writes about B-Epic capsules

Tabitha writes about B-Epic capsules

Some days it’s a struggle but these B-Epic capsules helps keep me grounded!

Shanna writes about using B-Epic capsules

Shanna writes about using B-Epic capsules

The physical changes you can see but what a lot of people don’t see and know is our three capsule B-Epic system changed my life! I suffered with chronic headaches and migraines every single day of my life for over six years! I would wake up with one, go to bed with one and it was literally destroying me. I was miserable! I tried every specialist, pill, treatment, injection, you name it, I tried it. Even my own doctor said, “Shanna, there’s not much else we can do, I suggest you seek alternative medicine.” I had given up! I had resigned to the fact that I was going to be in pain for the rest of my life. It affected me in every way. At home, at work, as a wife and a mother. I was taking 2-4 Excedrin a DAY for years! It was eating my stomach lining! I started B-Epic capsules on Mother’s Day and I haven’t taken a single Excedrin since! I rarely ever have to take any Advil or Tylenol and I barely have a single headache anymore! The weight loss, lost inches, better skin, hair and nails, good mood and energy are just super bonuses! How this changed my life and headaches has given me my life back! Gave my family their mother and wife back!

Mackenzie tells about using B-Epic capsules for energy

Mackenzie tells about on using BEpic's capsules for life energy

I’ve struggled with losing weight and sleepless night. I had no energy to keep up with my girls and I was always drinking coffee which upset my stomach and came with crashing in the middle of the day. My self esteem was non existent and I hated the way I looked. I was always putting myself down saying I look like a whale why does my fiancee  Jeff even want to be with me when I’m so fat?  Since starting with B-Epic  I have gotten a full night of rest where I’m not tossing and turning because of the pain in my hips and lower back. I wake up refreshed no matter how late I go to bed.  I also have cut down drinking coffee it went from 6+ cups a day to once in a blue moon.  I’m drinking green tea in its place and I have more energy without the crashing that came with drinking so much coffee.  I’m losing inches in places I thought I never would. My stomach is starting to shrink and Jeff has noticed. I’m gaining self confidence and loving how I feel.  I still have a while until I meet my goal but that is okay.  I’m taking it one day at a time. The best thing about all of this my girls have a mom who can keep up with them and plays with them more. I love Epic and what it has done for me!

Rachelle writes about using B-Epic pills for energy

Rachelle tells about on using BEpic's pills for life energy

Well, 30 days with the 3 pills of B-Epic and I’m totally shocked! My energy is amazing. My dream is amazing. I have gone from 2-3 attacks of fibromyalgia per week to 2 per month. My hair is amazing. My skin glows. My nails are finally growing and are obviously the inches are melting off.

Kara writes about using B-Epic capsules (pills of B-Epic) for energy

Kara writes about using B-Epic capsules for energy

I just started my B-Epic journey yesterday. I had the best night’s sleep last night and woke up with no problems like I usually do. The energy from natural B-Epic capsules I have today is off the charts! I have heart problems and it is not speeding up my heart rate just pure energy. I am so excited right now!

Trina tells about using BEpic’s pills for energy

Trina tells about on using BEpic's pills for life energy

B-Epic has changed my life just in a few short months! The pic in the orange was 2 years ago! I’ve had lots of ups and downs in my weight over the last few years. I even had weight loss surgery and gained a lot of weight back. Since I’ve been on epic Im keeping it off and am so energized!

Ariana writes about Elev8 pill for energy

Ariana writes about Elev8 pill for energy

So I am a week in. I have a horrible caffeine dependency I developed while getting sober 8 years ago. I mean if I went 1 day without an energy drink or 3+ cups of coffee I was dead to the world. Horrible headaches. Scatter brained thoughts. Severe fatigue. Well now thanks to this lovely green pill Elev8 of B-Epic I haven’t touched an energy drink OR EVEN 1 cup of coffee in over 7 days!!  No headaches. No sleeplessness. No fatigue. NO CRASHING!!

 Mindi writes about Elev8 pill for energy

 Mindi writes about Elev8 pill for energy

I’m a single mom raising my kids completely on my own AND working a full time corporate job… AND working my side hustle and I am normally SUPER drained by the time I get off work at 4.
I often have to take pre-workout just to get through my brutal evening training sessions. Not anymore!!!  Didn’t think a little Elev8 green capsule filled with all-natural plant-based goodness could make such a PROFOUND difference in my energy levels! I take the green mid morning and the white and purple an hour before bed.

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