Cordyceps extract in the capsules of Elev8

Cordyceps extract in the capsules of B-Epic Elev8

Cordyceps extract is a valuable medicinal form of the fungus that is part of the green capsules of B-Epic Elev8. The cordyceps extract contained in Elev8 capsules has been well known for its highly effective healing properties for several centuries. The most valuable natural active substances of the fungus are polysaccharides and cordycepin. A large number of amino acids of polypeptides, nucleosides, sterols and vitamins are contained in this valuable fungus. Outwardly, the shape of the mushroom resembles the thin fingers of a person. Cordyceps extract (caterpillar fungus as it is often called because of its elongated shape) is brownish or sometimes brownish-orange.

The health benefits of Cordyceps extract

The health benefits of the Сordyceps extract are high, so B-Epic has included Сordyceps extract in the Elev8 cell product health formula. Cordyceps extract can help people with asthma and diabetes, the fungus also helps relieve depression, fatigue, normalize cholesterol levels. Cordyceps is a powerful natural source of energy for the health of the whole body. Thanks to cordycepin an important compound found in Сordyceps the fungus can prevent high blood pressure and this helps with hypertension.

When Сordyceps extract helps

Cordyceps extract relaxes blood vessels, improves blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure. With regular use, Сordyceps relaxes the narrowing of the upper respiratory tract, therefore effectively helping people with asthma.

The Сordyceps fungus in Elev8 can be cancer prevention and protection. In ancient China, during the reign of emperors, the healing mushroom was recommended by doctors for problems with the kidneys and reproductive system.

Modern scientific studies of the healing fungus find Сordyceps very useful for the human immune system. Scientists believe that Сordyceps is also useful in the process of rehabilitation after a strong exposure to chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Cordyceps is recommended for prophylactic protection of the liver and lungs.

Cordyceps polysaccharides block the formation of cancer cells and enhance the human immune defense. Polysaccharides help protect the body against viruses and pathogenic bacteria. The active components of the fungus reduce harmful blood sugar levels. These are prevention of diabetes. The fungus protects the liver and increases its efficiency. Cordyceps also increases bone marrow stem cell production.

An important component of Сordyceps is acid they help to effectively reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Cordyceps acid removes free radicals and helps with vascular and heart diseases. Cordyceps nucleoside acts on the principle of an antibiotic and has a strong antioxidant and high immunomodulating effect. It is very effective against tumors and viral infections. Cordyceps extract can be used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in case of kidney failure and chronic kidney diseases, problems with the genitourinary system and diseases of the cardiovascular system (cardiac arrhythmias, atherosclerosis and thrombosis), insomnia and chronic hepatitis. Also the fungus can be effective for respiratory diseases, bronchitis and pneumonia, asthma and tuberculosis, various types of allergies and potency disorders. Cordyceps extract removes toxins and radioactive substances and stimulates the liver and kidneys.

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