What is Acceler8

The product of the BEpic Company of the Acceler8 capsule appeared on the world market in 2018. This is the second product of the BEpic company. Acceler8 is the completely safe product intended for weight loss, healthy sleep improvement, normalization of digestion and whole body detox. The scientists of the USA for the first time framed the unique Acceler8 drug on the basis of vegetable components and live useful bacteria! And it is a revolutionary formula in microbiology and medicine. Live bacteria are capable not just to replace antibiotics and drugs, but also to lay a way to health for any inhabitant of the planet! Now each person can use this unique product and find good health for many years!

It is important to understand that Acceler8 is not only an agent for weight loss. Acceler8 is the product of a cellular delivery which gives the chance to your organism to cure itself. Your weight will become to your biological norm.

                                                             Lose extra kilos naturally during a healthy sleep using an Acceler8 product of the BEpic company.

A pack content

Each pack (cardboard box) of a product of Acceler8 contains 60 capsules including

  1. 30 violets capsules of Acceler8 Detox
  2. 30 White capsules of Acceler8 Sleep.

Thus, Acceler8 contains the capsules of two different colours. Why? The product contains live bacteria of probiotics for which the neighbourhood with some other ingredients of Acceler8 is undesirable. Therefore ingredients are parted on different capsules.


Acceler8 benefits

Aссeler8 doesn’t damage health, but strengthens it. The product makes salutary impact to your organism.

  • 30 capsules of violet Acceler8 Detox are intended for detoxicating of cleaning and normalization of digestion. Acceler8 Detox helps lose weight and improves your health during the daytime.
  • The white Acceler8 Sleep capsules are intended for decreasing of excess weight during the nighttime. They also improve processes of restoration of your body and strengthening your sleep. You will ensure healthy organs inside and the tightened beautiful body outside.
  • Unique advantage of the product is full improvement of digestive organs, intestine and stomach. The main novelty of Acceler8 is the possibility of weight reduction during sleep thanks to improvement of work of digestive organs.
  • The Acceler8 capsules have the admixed structure; they include natural plant extracts, and live bacteria.
  • The drug will sanitate your intestine and organs and tissues of all alimentary system. 

Contra-indications and side effects

Aссeler8 has no contra-indications, except for individual intolerance of some ingredients.

It is allowed for use even to pregnant women.

How to use

It is necessary to accept white and violet capsules only together. Violet capsules have stronger cleaning action, and white capsules strengthen a dream. 
Take 1 white and 1 violet capsule half an hour before bedtime.

Do not use after sleep!


The Acceler8 product is developed by laboratory 5 Star Labs

Address: 3000 Skyway Circle North Irving, TX 75038, USA

by request of the BEpic company.

Acceler8 capsules are made in the USA in the State of Utah (855 N. McCormick Way Layton, UT 84041)

                                                                                        Try Acceler8! You will become healthier and harmonious.

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